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Adds a playerhome with custom storage and almost everything you need in Riften.

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This mod is something that ive made for myself since almost every player home mod ive tested has either lighting issues or weird bugs.
I wanted it to be as immersive and vanilla-like as possible but included custom storage and some more things to have everything in one place. A forge, workbenches, cooking pot, a smelter, lots of storage and a lot more.

You can find someones corpse near one of the helgen gateways that has the key and some more items on it.
If you want, you can search from there, or you can look at one of the screenshots to see it on the map.

Stuff in the house:
All the items are static, which means you wont toss them over accidentally.
There are many custom storages like the Soul Gem chest, Bookshelves, Ingredient Shelf, Ingots and more.
Everything has been handplaced and not made with any additional meshes mods. Its as vanilla as it can get, really, haha.

Use NMM or install manually.

Ive removed one of the weapon plaques because it is buggy as hell. If your weapon gets stuck, use the TCL command, get on the other side of the wall and you can pick it up. its just how the engine handles plaques. Not very well, lmao.
Fixed in v.4.0

Also, if you find any bugs, let me know in the comments or so. Dont go reporting the same thing a trillion times.

Version 4.0
- Fixed typos
- redid the cellar, changed placement of some decorations
- added smelter, got rid of the smelting pot and wood chopping block
- added more barrels
- rearranged potion shelves
- fixed typos
- added leather strips storage at the crafting table
- renamed books to bookshelf
- replaced spell tomes models with actual spell tomes instead of normal books
- renamed misnamed custom storages
- added more weapon plaques
- fixed buggy weapon plaques for old skyrim
- fixed trigger boxes to be bigger and less trickier to activate (like soul gems)

Final Version 3.0
- fully navmeshed interior and exterior

Version 3.0
- renamed the smelting pot
- fixed the lighting in the hidden room
- moved the mist
- fixed some of the lighting

Version 2.0
- added more chests. more custom containers and weapon displays
-hidden room in the cellar with a talos statue, a big chest and a mannequin
- added ivy in the house

Version 1.0
-fixed the barrels outside
-changed the outside of the house a bit
-added more storages
-added idlemarkers for npcs inside the house

 Previous Versions
-Lots of stuff
-Created the house and most of the stuff you see lol

Go outside the house and update. If you ever have any issues with any house mod while updating, take your things out of your chests, go outside and then make a save without the mod. then enable and reload the game and put your things back into the house.
Thatll fix things.