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A subtle yet, impactful improvement on Skyrim's lighting by introducing HDR and HD sharpening to base game. Compatible with every weather mod and ENB.

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*DISCLAIMER: This isn't some big graphical improvement mod that will alter the look of your game. It is simply here to inject HD and HDR effects into Skyrim for a better experience.

What does this mod do and why should I download it?

This mod improves the overall aesthetic of the game by introducing a higher dynamic range, allowing for brighter lights and darker darks without clipping and a wider range of colors (if you look closely in the screenshots, you will notice the effect in the flora and the mountain fogs and now you probably wont unsee it ;). It also implements HD sharpening to enhance the games detail, creating the effect of scaled resolution without any FPS loss.

"What exactly is HDR?"

HDR also know as High Dynamic Range is a measurement used most commonly by cameras and computers on how bright or dark an object can be without clipping or loss in quality.

"What is clipping?"

Clipping is where an object becomes so bright or dark to the point where all texture quality is lost and it becomes a solid white or black.

"How do you make Skyrim high definition without changing the resolution?"

Through use of sharpening techniques, I was able to mimic an enhancement in overall detail and resolution.


1) Download and install the latest version of ReShade from here.

2) Download my mod and copy and paste the contents into your Skyrim directory.

3) When in-game press shift+f2 to open the ReShade menu and select hdr.ini from the dropdown menu at the top of the GUI.

4) If your confused just look up a tutorial on how to install ReShade on youtube or something.

"I don't notice a difference."

Unless you prefer to use another ReShade preset, I would keep it installed because there is virtually no FPS loss and it will subtlely improve your game. If you want to toggle the effect to see the difference, press the "END" key.

"Where can I see the effect?"

The effect is most prevalent on skin and clothing.


This compatible with any and every mod that is not another ReShade preset