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Adds the Boots of Blinding Speed from Morrowind

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Fair Warning!! This mod is meant to be a novelty item, just as the boots were in Morrowind. They are barely useable!!!

This mod adds the fabled Boots of Blinding Speed to Skyrim. They add;

Speed Multiplier 200
Weapon Speed Multiplier 10
Blind 87%
No fall damage (while this was not part of the original boots, Skyrim is just too hilly and without it the boots are truly unusable.)
At this time the blind effect is not reduced by magic resistance. I may be able to implement this one day, but for now, I do not know how to do so.

The boots can be found north of the wreck of the Winter War, see picture. Or open the console and type in cow tamriel 45,18 to teleport to them.

This mod should be compatible with pretty much everything that does not change the interior of Hlaalu Farm.

Updating instructions:
Remove the boots from your inventory into a non-respawning container. Go to an interior space and wait for 30 in game days. Make a hard save and exit the game. Uninstall the mod. Reload your game and make another hard save. Exit and install the new version. Load and play.


Rider from the Old Farts thread on the Steam forums for the idea to make this mod.
THusky for allowing me to use his meshes and textures for the Netch Leather Boots from his oldrim mod;
Morrowind Armor - Netch Leather