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A weapon mod by Gizmodian. Ported from Oblivion to Skyrim by Snezko, and now ported to Skyrim Special Edition with permission from both authors. Perfect for your vampire character.

Permissions and credits
The Vicious Heart by Gizmodian ported to Skyrim Special Edition. Thank you Gizmodian (original author) and Snezko (who ported this to Skyrim) for giving me permission to port this great weapon to SSE.

The meshes have been optimised using NIF Optimizer, and the .esp has been resaved in Creation Kit as form 44.

Oblivion: The Vicious Heart
The Vicious Heart

The Vicious Heart is included in weapon pack mod Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for SSE (no changes) and Oblivion Weapons (with some fixes, adjustments, and added some enchantments)

Information (taken from Skyrim page)
Standalone? Yes.
Craftable? Yes.
Upgradeable? Yes.

Where to get it? You can craft it at forge under Daedric category or purchase it at locations below:
Whiterun - Eorlund (Skyforge Blacksmith)
Windhelm - Oengul War-Anvil (Blacksmith)
Markarth - Ghorza gra-Bagol (Blacksmith)
Riften - Balimund (Blacksmith)
Riverwood - Alvor (Blacksmith)
Solitude - Beirand (Solitude Blacksmith)

Both 1H, 2H & Dagger can be purchased & crafted.

Base damage
Sword: 14
Greatsword: 24
Dagger: 11

Manual: Extract file and put meshes, textures folders and .esp file inside your Data folder and activate esp file.
NMM: Install as usual.

Manual: Delete the files.
NMM: Uninstall as usual.

Update Log
13-02-2018: Add standalone 1H version with and without flashing sfx
12-02-2018: Now with Dawnbreaker replacer option! The related author changed the texture from red to yellow.

Gizmodian (as the original author)
Snezko (as the author who ported this mod to Skyrim)
Sushiyant (for the version of with and without flashing sfx) and cokla (for the standalone version)
mystikhybrid (as the author who made Dawnbreaker version) and aareyn (for the fix of Dawnbreaker version)
ousnius (for SSE NIF Optimizer)

My other conversion mods:
Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for SSE
Veraxanima - Truth of the Soul
Real Silver Swords - Standalone and Replacer

My CBBE SSE Bodyslide Preset:
Dream Angels CBBE SSE Bodyslide Preset

Thank you guys for the support, this mod made it to hot files!