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adds a lorefriendly, vanillafriendly barbarian follower who will scale with you to the game.

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english no good

little something:

i wont upload pretty screenshots where he looks perfect and then you use the mod and youre like yo wth.
use total character makeover and stuff and hell look even better than here. or use some nice enb idk

veddgar is a nord who can be found in the sleeping giant inn (*cough* just like betnja, no i wasnt lazy *cough*).
for immersion pruposes, hes set to friend so he will treat you like one

-he levels up twohanded, heavy armor... and thats about it.
-hes basically a tank so he will put more points in health than stamina.
-he uses a custom combatstyle that makes him not behave as dumb as some other npcs
-he uses a custom class as well to make him a strong barbarian friend
-the perks he has are: barbarian, juggernaut and extra pockets (so you can give him a bit more stuff to carry)
-he can sandbox while you do stuff like talking to an npc. he in the meantime will use a workbench or sit somewhere until youre done
-he starts with level 15 (as far as i remember lmao) and he levels with you until you reach level 999

just use mod manager. no scripts here, so nothing will be messed up either

compatible with amazing follower tweaks

just ask in the comments

fun stuff:
he used to be a spellsword, then destruction mage and now ive decided to make him a barbarian. as simple as that 
thus 3.0