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  1. CanoLathra
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    So, first of all, would have been nice to know that this doesn't work with enchanted or reforged gear. I had to completely re-create all of my companions armor because of that.
    Second, I'm having a problem:
    I'm working with a modded follower. Her default armor is a robe, and she has some Alteration perks that seem to make her AI want to always wear robes, even when the light armor I've given her has far higher armor rating than a robe could ever have (and even after removing said perks with console commands).
    The problem is, even if I change her default to something simple, like leather armor, so that she shouldn't revert back to her base outfit, she still does. The armor I have given her is Enchanted, reforged to Legendary, and is statistically the best I can get her, but she still reverts.
    If I make her default outfit the same as what I am giving her, she will switch to the outfit instead of the enchanted legendary armor.
    I have reached the end of my knowledge of Skyrim SE's AI. Can anyone help me fix this?

    EDIT: I figured out that I can get the same items back from the outfit inventory, and they still have enchantments/reforging. Still wish that it would apply that to the character, though.
    EDIT 2: It would seem that using a blank outfit slot seems to work ~99% of the time. Unfortunately, this means she wears nothing when I dismiss her.
  2. ForRedwall
    • member
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    Please add more outfits and DLC outfits
  3. jeyoon
    • supporter
    • 117 posts
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    What a great Mod!! Well Done!
  4. EvoDube
    • supporter
    • 23 posts
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    I've enjoyed this mod for awhile, but now it's giving me bugs. When I remove all the items from a slot and put new ones in, it phantomly keeps the items in and adds them in with new outfits. So i'll be running two different outfits in one. No way to fix this. Load order doesn't solve this.
  5. steventhrasher
    • premium
    • 2 posts
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    I get a CTD immediately upon starting the game when I use 1.1 Utility, but not for 1.1 Immersive, nor 1.0 Unlocked. The CTD goes away if I disable the 1.1 Utility mod. I tried running 1.1 Utility with all other mods uninstalled (except for the few that are installed without a mod manager like SKSE64 and an audio reverb mod), but still get the CTD. Only thing of interest I can think of is that I'm running Skyrim VR.

    Thanks for your work on this!
  6. NewVegasJoker
    • member
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    Hope there is a way to automatically switch follower outfit based on current location.
    1. butterenough
      • premium
      • 447 posts
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      That was my favorite feature of the old AFT mod on SkyrimLE. I believe it involves some pretty complicated scripting though, and one of the features of Simple NPC Outfit Manager seems to be simplicity :D (Would love to see it though in some mod)
  7. lastgatsby12
    • member
    • 61 posts
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    I really thanks, it is easy to use.. at same time,

    I hope (if you can), offer way to keep each NPC default out-fit,
    but to work so,, it need to save data of each NPC default clothing set, (as json etc), then export it.

    So I feel, if there is mcm menu, which can export current NPC clothing set data, of target NPC.. (currently used)
    and re-load json, when we need,,then if there is data of target NPC in return clothing set as default.
    the json only need to record one clothing set for each NPC which user added. (NPC name will auto added , when user export clothing data with target NPC)
    will make this mod super useful. anyway, thanks you offer good simple clothing tool.

  8. Gcitwbb
    • member
    • 14 posts
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    Does the method behind this mod prevent permanent corpses using the 'quest item in inventory trick'? I kitted out a follower, killed and thralled them, but their corpse disappears now, even with a quest item in their inventory.
  9. ShadowSky52
    • supporter
    • 21 posts
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    Wow. I was not expecting this level of ease of use, even with the tutorial. Excellent work. Although, I will miss "You'll where what I tell you to wear" because it's funny to yell peoples clothes off....this just works a lot better.
  10. Suomikarhu5
    • supporter
    • 60 posts
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    Hi, as much as I love the simplicity and usefulness of this mod, I have major problem. Although It could be me being retarded, every time I apply an outfit to a follower, it seems to overwrite and delete any previously equipped gear. For example, say I give my follower a helmet through the trading window because I can't carry it, my follower will equip it (if he/she wasn't wearing a helmet) effectively "ruining" the outfit. I then open up the outfit window and re-apply the outfit. After that the helmet gets removed and deleted from my followers inventory.

    Am I doing something wrong or is it purely because of how the outfit system works? I wanted to be able to utilize my follower's inventory while keeping a designated outfit on them or is that not possible?
    1. confusedchim
      • member
      • 207 posts
      • 41 kudos
      The system will fully overwrite any items that were present in the previous default outfit -- that's just the behavior of the script function I use -- but it shouldn't delete items that were exchanged via the standard inventory menu. I wasn't able to reproduce your issue on my end, either.

      Any chance you have other mods that mess with outfits, like a follower overhaul or something?
    2. Suomikarhu5
      • supporter
      • 60 posts
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      I'm using NFF but I've disabled adventuring gear usage. So there shouldn't be anything conflicting with your outfit manager. Since it deletes the default outfit could it be that any extra gear I give my follower (a ring for example) gets applied to the default outfit and because of that gets deleted when an outfit is applied again?
    3. BaneSixEcho
      • premium
      • 159 posts
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      I've had follower gear go missing as well.

      I use Nether's Follower Framework and set up adventuring gear for Lydia (legendary steel plate and some other items). When I dismissed her she sat around Breezehome in her armor so I used this mod to change her outfit to something more comfortable (fine clothes). Everything seemed to be working fine.

      Some time later I recruited her again and NFF re-equipped her adventuring gear, but her legendary steel plate was missing. I checked her inventory and the steel plate was gone. She ended up wearing the fine clothes from this mod's outfit, and the shield and jewelry from NFF's adventuring gear. I replaced the lost steel plate with the console so it wasn't a huge deal, but...

      That incident made me change the way I handle their gear. I've started removing all of a follower's gear and storing it in a chest before I dismiss them. Once dismissed I change their outfit with this mod. When I recruit them again I pull their gear out of the chest and set up their adventuring gear again. I'm not sure if that's the best way to handle it, but it's better than replacing any more lost gear.
    4. luckyme0
      • member
      • 8 posts
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      did u allow empty gear?