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Craft every scroll in the game, and then some with added custom scrolls. Experience a brand new unique crafting table and perk system just for Scroll Crafting. Also comes with a player owned dungeon that is easily accessible so you can craft your scrolls in peace.

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  • German
Scroll Crafting v1.2 (SE)

New Features: 
  • Added Enchanting Table to Inscription Dungeon 
  • New Lighting & FX

Fixes & Changes:
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive a dramatic decrease in XP for Enchanting
  • Fixed an issue where if the player held more than one Inkwell or Quill they would be unable to craft scrolls

Ordinator -Perks of Skyrim- Patch (Optional)

New Features: 
  • Added an optional patch for compatibility. 

Make sure your load order is the following:

Scroll Crafting.esp
Ordinator-Perks of Skyrim.esp

This has been simply ported over for Skyrim Special Edition. v1 for SE is v3.1 for the original. I'm leaving the description the same so you can see all the changes made. 


Scroll Crafting v3.1 (See Changes Below)

Tired of having to level up all your magic skills for hours just to have some decent spells? Not to mention the amount of magicka needed for high level spells. Do you also feel like scrolls are just used to make quick coin because there's not enough of them in the game? Well this mod changes that. With Scroll Crafting, you'll be able to craft every scroll in the game with basic items you find throughout the world. The crafting system also features it's own specific perk through the Enchanting skill tree!

  • 85 Craftable Scrolls
  • New Perk System
  • Crafting of Paper Rolls for Scroll Crafting
  • Brand New Crafting Table Unique to Scroll Crafting
  • Guide to Scroll Crafting Book
  • "Player" Dungeon with Inscription Table, items to get started, and a player owned bed.
  • Player owned chest in front of the bed for safe material and scroll keeping
  • Easily accessible via College of Winterhold

Scroll Crafting v3.1

Minor update to adjust balancing:
  • Changed the weight of all scrolls from 0.5 to 0.1
  • Drastically reduced the value of scrolls to prevent gold exploits

Scroll Crafting v3.0

New Key Features:
  • New Perk System through the Enchanting Skill Tree
  • 21 New Scolls
  • Completely new and unique Inscription Table

Fixes & Changes
  • Scrolls now require corresponding perk i.e Novice, Apprentice, Adept, etc
  • Replaced old Inscription Table with a completely new, and redesigned table unique to this mod
  • Every Scroll within Skyrim is now added to the game. See the change log for a list of all scrolls.

Scroll Crafting v2.0*

New Features:
  • Adds the ability to craft Charcoal - Requires 1 Firewood and 1 Torch
  • Adds a player owned chest in front of the bed for safe material and scroll keeping

10 New scrolls for Scroll Crafting:
  • Scroll of Beast Form - Transform into a Werewolf
  • Scroll of Dragon Breath - You erupt in a brief flame causing your Fire Breath shout to be 25% more powerful for 2 minutes
  • Scroll of Dragon Priest - Conjure a Dragon Priest at your location permanently
  • Scroll of Ghost - Appear as a Ghost for 30 seconds. Improves Night Vision for 30 seconds
  • Scroll of Kamikaze - Conjures a familiar that runs towards an enemy and self destructs in a fire explosion
  • Scroll of Solid Ice - Shoots an ice spike that sticks into an enemy, freezing their bones solid for 15 seconds
  • Scroll of The Phantom - Summons a Phantom to fight for you for 60 seconds
  • Scroll of Venom - Shoots a ball of Venom paralyzing an enemy for 7 seconds and causing 10 points of damage for 30 seconds
  • Scroll of Wabbajack - Creates a blast with an unpredictable effect
  • Scroll of Waterwalking - Ability to walk on water for 30 seconds

Fixes & Changes
  • Ruin Book 1 and 2 can now be used to craft paper rolls.
  • Reformatted the "Book of Scroll Crafting"
  • *Soul Gems are now required to craft scrolls. (Optional) (See post for more details)


Q: How do I craft scrolls?
A: To craft a scroll you will need an Ink Well and a Quill in your inventory. These items will not be removed upon Scroll Crafting. You'll also need a minimum of 1 Paper Roll and 1 Charcoal. You also need to have the required perk introduced in Scroll Crafting v3

Q: Help! I used the Inscription Table but I can't craft any scrolls.
A: Unless you have both an Inkwell and Quill in your inventory at the time of using the Inscription Table, the list will only display "Paper Roll". You also need to have the required perk introduced in Scroll Crafting v3

Q: Where is the "Inscription Dungeon"?
A: It's located at the College of Winterhold. There's a trap door on the opposite side of the College where The Midden is located, as seen in the screenshot.

Q: Is there any new scrolls?
A: Yes! Version 2 adds 10 new scrolls to the game. More information is available under details for v2.

Q: Does this mod require anything else?
A: Nope. Just download with NMM and double click to install. Or download manually and move the ScrollCrafting.esp to your Skyrim Special Edition>Data Folder.