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  1. johnmcl05
    • member
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    if you complete this as mercenary guild or adventurers guild this will be a nice mod...yeah you can put a quest board too this will be blast if you keep updating it
  2. missmidnight
    • supporter
    • 53 posts
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    Step 1. This mod.
    Step 2. Use Sokco's Guild Starter mod to establish any kind of guild you want.
    Step 3. Decorate with L.V.X Magicks- Campfire Unleashed.
    Step 4. Profit.
  3. Laylateex
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Hey, I really like the idea of a mercenary guild. Yes, the Companions already exist but I don't really 'click' with them. It would be really cool if you did make one! Sadly, I have no skills whatsoever to help, but I can provide moral support lol
  4. madhorde
    • BANNED
    • 55 posts
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    There is already a mercenary guild in Skyrim called: The Companions. What's the point of another? I would make a raiding Guild. Like for example to raid settlements or forsworn encampments and stuff like that.