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Heterochromatic eye sets for every Khajiit eye variant plus extra eye options. Fully compatible with texture replacers.

Permissions and credits
  • Heterochromatic eye combinations for all eye sets for both genders.

  • Female support for vanilla blind eye set (blind set was male-only)
  • Supports texture replacers.
  • (Optional) Eye set and combination sets using my clouded eye texture
  • (Optional) Glowing eyes

Known bugs/issues:

Comes with a fomod installer for Nexus Mod Manager.  NMM installation recommended.

Thanks to everyone on the Nexus!
I'm glad to share my creations with such a great community.  Feel totally free to leave some feedback or even submit your own related media to this page.  Thanks, and happy modding.

Mods used in screenshots:
  • [Head Mesh]: *Catlike Khajiit by Zalunaya (All screenshots)

* This mod is no longer available on the nexus.  It was presumably removed by the author and as such I will not share the file here.
However, it may be found on other sites. Try a Google search.

My other Khajiit mods:

I'm looking for a modeler with some experience with Skyrim's meshes.  More specifically, someone with the knowledge to modify the shape data of a .nif while retaining all other data, such as transforms and UVs.  To explain:

I am not a modeler.  The extra meshes currently used by this mod contain both eyes but were sneakily rotated ever-so-slightly in nifskope to move one eye in front of the vanilla eye mesh.  This is sketchy.  I know.

The extra eyes essentially work as contact-lenses and I'd like to retain this method of implementation but remove the right eye shape data so I could: A) move the extra eye forward instead of using rotation and B) not leave hidden shapes behind the eyes. This can not be done in nifskope (as far as I'm aware) and I've yet to learn how to modify dynamic .nifs in a modeling tool without utterly destroying them.

Some pretty pictures to illustrate (blue is vanilla mesh, red is extra mesh):
Current implementation:

Preferred implementation:

What I'd need:
eyeskhajiit.nif (without right eye shape data)
eyeskhajiitfemale.nif (without right eye shape data)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!