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Adds and changes NPC dialogue to reflect your status as the Dragonborn, Archmage, Listener, or Harbinger.

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Are you the Dragonborn, slayer of Alduin, savior of the world, the most powerful mortal in existence?
And are you tired of various self-important NPCs telling you that you're worthless and weak?
Are you irritated at the simpletons who threaten you with bodily harm, when it's obvious that you can destroy them with a flick of your finger?
Do you occasionally wonder, after Unrelenting Force-ing a snarky NPC off a cliff, why nobody seems to recognize your greatness?

Well, wonder no longer, for you can now ask these sanctimonious idiots that all-important question...
Do You Know Who I Am?
Many NPCs throughout Skyrim, who previously would have tried to block your progress, totally convinced that their positions of petty power lent them some sort of protection, will respond to the question appropriately. Assuming that you are, in fact, Dragonborn.
This mod alters several NPCs (More to come! Stay tuned!) who think they're somehow better or more important than the savior of the world.
It adds that six-word question to their dialogs, allowing you to bypass or complete their particular sections of those quests without violence. Other NPCs have unique dialog for noticing that you're Dragonborn.
This does not add, nor do I plan to add, any ability for bandits or other always-hostile beings to recognize your greatness. That's something for another mod, if at all.
I made this mostly because I got irritated playing the College of Winterhold quest "The Staff of Magnus" and running into Estormo, who somehow believes that he can kill you, even though you just plowed through a dungeon full of undead horrors and magical monstrosities that he couldn't have begun to scratch at. A friend then suggested the radiant thieves, and this mod was born.
I'll add in some more NPCs as I find them, or as people suggest them.
Don't expect anyone to recognize your awesome power if you haven't been formally recognized as Dragonborn, and don't expect anyone to stand in awe of your combat prowess if you haven't killed Alduin.
This mod is UNVOICED, using Fuz Ro D-oh.

Original Skyrim version


This mod is a work in progress. It currently affects the following NPCs:

Anything that alters the dialog trees for the quests mentioned above might conflict. This mod alters a lot of vanilla dialogue, so conflicts are almost certain to happen if anything else modifies those topics
Things that alter the NPCs themselves (like their physical appearance) should be fine.
Note that the entries for Nepos the Nose, Riften Gate Guards, Magrol, and the Valtheim Towers bandit edit vanilla scripts... hopefully I didn't break anything.
NOTE: This will OVERWRITE those scripts! If other mods, the USKP for example, edit those (and IIRC it does), this will revert the fixes. Sorry, it was the only way I knew how at the time to do it!
You can remove those scripts before you put the mod in your data directory, and it *should* work fine, it's just those three things that won't be updated.
This mod is technically incompatible with Birds of Skyrim. That is, the mods will work together just fine, but after defeating Alduin, some birds may speak to the player from time to time. It's probably incompatible with any other mods that add in NPCs that are technically playable races.

I honestly haven't been paying much attention to SSE so far - I've been waiting on various mods before really getting into it (at time of this writing, I have 36 minutes played in SSE according to Steam).
So I haven't been paying any attention to mod and utility progression for SSE.
DYKWIA for SSE requires a couple of mods and external utilities that, as far as I know, work, but some are listed as alpha.
--SKSE for SSE may not be entirely matured yet. As far as I know it works perfectly fine.
--Fuz Ro D'oh just came out, but I do tend to trust it. There was IIRC another alternative that purported to do the same thing, but I can't remember what it was called.
--SkyUI is listed as alpha software. As far as I can tell from my very limited testing, it works just fine without problems, and the DYKWIA MCM functions fine.