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This Mod tries to fix several bug’s still present in “No Snow Under the roof” Mod v3.2 by Prometheus.

Permissions and credits
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About this Mod: "No Snow Under the roof - Hall of the Vigilant fix"

  • This Mod tries to fix several bug’s still present in “No Snow Under the roof” Mod v3.2 by Prometheus. All fixes where found by various people on the Forum of the Mod “No snow under the roof” by Prometheus.
  • I take no credit what so ever in creating the Mod “No snow Under the roof” or finding the solution for those particular bugs.  
  • I personally never experienced the “floating house upon Bleakwind Basin” bug, but this mod also (tries to) tackle that particular problem.


  • I tried, for myself to make a Skyrim (SE) patch the 1st time ever.
  • And it worked, thx again to all the people of the Nexus Forums who posted hints on how to fix them! So I like to share my results with the community. As I’m in no way an experienced programmer or Modder, use this fix at your own risk. So far I did not encounter any problems like crashes, CTD or corrupt savegames using this patch. 
  • Please report any problems you may encounter.
  • I’m not sure if I can fix them on my own, but maybe someone much more experienced can help me out ;). 
  • Should, in the future Prometheus fix these issues him/her self, this patch will become obsolete.
How to use / install:
Main Files:
  • NSUTR_Bug_fixes v1.4

Optional files (a hotfix for NSUTR_Bug_fixes v1.4, stronly recomaned to install):
  • NSUTR_Bug_fixes-static_objects_hotfixes v0.1

Miscellaneous files:
Install the patch(es) only if you use SMIM too:
  • NSUTR_3.2_SMIM_2.08_1st_vanilla_patched_files_only v1.0

  • The rest of the optional files are demos or experiments and are not needed to be installed when using SMIM. Read the file description if you want to know more about them.

Known compatibility:
  • Requirements: this patch obviously needs “No snow under the roof” by Prometheus (v3.2) to be installed and active!
  • This mod sould be compatible with USSEP and I recommend very strongly using it with USSEP!
  • The mod is compatible with “Cutting Room Floor - No Snow Under the Roof” patch by SkyrimFantom. 
  • Right now this patch is exclusively released on
  • I do not grand permission to upload this mod on any other platform!
3rd party Permission:
  • I have explicit permission by Prometheus to change the necessary records of his creation in my own bugfixes.
Know Bugs:
  • None till date
  • But I can’t take any responsivity if your game is crashing, gets save game corruptions or any other negative effects.
  • Use it at your own risk! You have been warned!
Tools I used to make this fix:
  • Test5Edit for Skyrim Special Edition
  • Nifscope 2.0 Dev7
  • Creation Kit 64-Bit v1.5.0.3 
Main Mod:
  • Prometheus for creating "No snow under the roof"
Additional Mods:
  • Brumbek for creating "Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM"

  • All those people who posted hints and concrete descriptions on how to fix these bugs on the Nexus Forum, thank you very much!
  • Elminster, Sharlikran, Zilav, and Hlp for creating, updating and maintaining "xEdit" (SSEEdit)
  • jonwd7 for developing and providing Nifscope
  • Bethesda for creating and providing Creation Kit
  • Bethesda for creating the TES Series
Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native tongue. 

  • removed optional transparency .nif files, they caused very bad flickering on moose covered textures
  • the mod now has three plugins: 1st bug fixes, 2nd gap and flickering fixes, 3rd my own improvements
  • Bug fixes: 
  • potential CTD fix by changing 5 “deleted” records into "initially ignored" this should also fix the “floating house upon Bleakwind Basin” bug
  • fixed a missing EDID - Editor ID: DLC2AltarOfThrondExterior01 from Dragonborn.esm
  • fixed several missing Region entries: SurvivalForelhost [REGN:01002EE8] and SurvivalArcwindPoint [REGN:01002EE7]; probably a Creation Club Survival DLC fix (but I'm not sure)?
  • fixed Bleak Falls Barrow Exterior: Can't access Strongbox and Satchel by moving the blocking snow drift mesh
  • Further snow seam  and flickering fixes: Dawnstar nearly done, Morthal stared some edits, Winterhold nearly done, Traitors Post done
  • improvements: Dawnstar changed Alchemy Sign because I bang into it every time when I pass the walkway (and I hate that, sloppy vanilla placement!); Volunruud Exterior: put heavy snow on the ruin and staris.Traitors Post repositioned a snow mesh on the 1st floor.

  • missed to update Z translation of the "15 stairs heavy snow" mesh, it's now fixed
  • fixed transparent ground mesh at Bleak Falls Burrow
  • fixed Arcwind Point and Snow Vail Sanctum stairs snow texture flickering
  • fixed Traitor’s Point massive ground snow texture flickering and some misalign snow meshes
  • added optional fixed transparent meshes for all none ground snow meshes (mostly ropes)

  • fixed the Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar) sign appears as Nightgate Inn sign
  • fixed Frozen Heart Inn (Winterhold) sign snow mesh miss alignment
  • fixed 40 transparent ground and stairs meshes
  • Again: Re-upload file, changed name and version to match nexus standards, no change in the bug fixes themselves.

  • Initial release
  • fixed the Hall of the Vigilant appears as both whole and destroyed once the Dawnguard questline starts
  • Re-Uploadedfile, changed name and version to match nexus standards, no change in the fix itself.
  • (Sorry I'm still learning how to use the Nexus Mod publishing site, more changing than I thought)