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Changes the weight of Septims and Lockpicks to be more realistic

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All this mod does is alter the in-game weight of Septims and Lockpicks to actually weigh something, since gold and iron aren't weightless. A 1oz gold coin weighs about 0.068 pound, and the Dragonborn carries a few 100 if not thousand at a time. and .068 x 100 = 6.8 pound of gold in your pockets. A septim is smaller than a generic gold modern day gold coin, with a bit of math I worked out a septim weighs 0.037 pound less. 0.068 - 0.037 = 0.031 pounds per septim.
This mod is 100% compatible with everything unless it already alters the weight of the septims or lockpicks in game obviously.  There are multiple versions of each to suit anyone's carryweight and playstyle. If anyone has any requests for different weight variations that they would like please tell me and I will make a version of the requested weight.

So far there are 4 versions for septim coin weights:

Realistic version changes the septims to a weigh of 0.031, fills your carry capacity by 3.1 per 100 septims. For IMMERSION

A 0.010 version, every septim weighs 0.010, fills your carry capacity by 1 point per 100 septims. Suitable for most use with most mods that decrease carryweight but still want to keep it at least close to realistic

A 0.0030 version, every septim weighs 0.0030, fills your carry capacity by 3points per 1000 septims

A 0.0010 version, every septim weighs 0.0010, fills your carry capacity by 1 point per 1000 septims

There are 2 versions for lockpick weights

A 0.010 version, every lockpick weighs 0.010, fills your carry capacity by 1 per 100 lockpicks

A 0.0010 version, every lockpick weighs 0.0010, fills your carry capacity by 1 per 1000 lockpicks

This mod will effect your chance to successfully pickpocket gold off an npc ever so slightly to the point where you'd barley notice it, due to your pickpocket chance being effected by the items weight, value of the item and the players skill. The heavier variations will make gold slightly more difficult to pickpocket, compared to the lighter versions, sue to each coin having a weight now.