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Keeps the player from making the mangled/grunting angry face during combat, and makes them scowl slightly when a weapon or magic is drawn. This is for us players who have combat music turned off and don't want immersion broken by the character making a rage face when a slaughterfish 2 cells away goes aggro.

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I play with no music and the enemy compass turned off, so there is really no such thing as a "combat" alert state for me.  I'll just be walking around and get blindsided by an animal or an arrow, which is the sort of surprise I prefer.  However, whenever an enemy is nearby and the game enters a combat state, the player constantly makes a mangled/grunting/angry face.  If I'm just casually walking around, changing gear, or camping, this is immersion breaking if a Slaughterfish in the nearby river decides to go aggro unbeknownst to me.

This mod adds a very simple spell to the player that controls their facial expression during combat.  It does not use polling / loops / continual updates, it simply uses conditions on the magic effect, which automatically fire the tiny script fragment to adjust the expressions.  There is zero performance cost.  I've included the source files for those who want to see what it's doing, it's literally a couple lines of code.

This file is an .ESL so it will not count against your plugin limit.


  • The player's face will reset to neutral almost instantly, so you can continue to enjoy being oblivious to whether the game thinks you're in combat or not
  • You control the angry expression by...

  • When drawing a weapon, fists, or magic, the player will now have a subtle angry scowl.  Firmed lips, narrowed brows.  More "serious" than "By the gods, I'm passing a massive kidney stone".
  • When a weapon is sheathed, the expression resets to neutral

So yes, if the player is just standing there while being attacked, they'll retain a neutral expression unless they draw a weapon, but this is what I wanted.  I did not want to make the system convoluted and complex to adjust expressions based on different scenarios.

Just install and go.  When you load up the game, the spell will be added to the player automatically.  If you ever want to remove it, look for the spell by typing help fs_ into the console, and look for the spell FS_AbFacialExpressionControl.  Type player.removespell xxx where 'xxx' is the full ID of the spell.


I use the original Player Headtracking that I ported from Oldrim, and have not run into any issues.  If you use other mods that change the player expression during certain events, this will conflict, but all it will do is either override the other mods expressions during combat, or not work.  It shouldn't cause any actual issues or crashes but let me know if you see any issues.

I have not tested this in a long play through, but it's a ridiculously simple implementation so there should be no issues.