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Custom Control Map for Xbox One Game pad. (possibly other gamepad's as well, untested)
Enables users to bind B button for special functions of other mods, such as a dodge key or dance/pose key, check needs etc. Only if said mod allows users to bind keys.
This is simply a control map text file, no scripts or resources used, 100% safe to us

Permissions and credits
To clarify, this does not add dodge, or any other special functions. You need other mods to do so, such as tk dodge. This mod simply allows better use of the item button, to use  for special functions. Inspired by rolling in darksouls, and of course the tk dodge mod.

New file uploaded, only changes the item and wait menu as described below, doe snot enable keypad or add hot keys.
Install whichever version you prefer. safe to swap back and forth to try them out, just let them overwrite.

Detailed description. Both versions
Unbinds the item menu from the vanilla button. (button B on an Xbox Controller)
Item menu is now accessed via the vanilla wait menu button (small upper left button, imagine select button on old skool nes controller )
Wait button is now accessed by pressing rt ,lt, rb, rb, Simultaneously (all 4 paddles buttons at once, not one at a time)

Applies to keyboard enable version only
Alternatively, pressing T on keyboard will enable wait menu, (depending on what version you download.)

You can now bind the B button for a special function of other mods, such as a roll button, or dance or sleep or whatever you wish, if said mod allows.
For instance, a mod that allows dodging with a configurable button,  you can configure the now empty B Button

Also adds hot key 3 item to the d pad down
Favorites is still accessed though dpad up.
Also adds hot key function 4 through 7, accessed by pressing dpad in a directional simultaneously,   (dpad down and right hot key 4, dpad right and up hotkey 5, continuing in this pattern counterclockwise)

numbers 1 though 8 on keyboard or chat pad function as hotkeys.  (chatpad only works on windows 10 8-(  

You can rebind  Key board buttons, by going to skyrim control menu in game, unplugging gamepad, making changes with keyboard, saving changes, then plugging controller back in.

Possibly glitch~~ and fix, keyboard enabled version only
sometimes when using console, or character creation, or mods that require keyboard text input,  when pressing button e,  it acts as activate, prematurly closing the window.  If this happens, simply unplug controller, enter text as you wish,  then re-plug in controller when finished.
Glitch does not seem to occur all the time though,
Install uninstall via nmm.
NO scrpits, NO plugin,  simply a text file. 
Will over write other control map files if they are present. If nmm asks to do so, say yes. Probably best to back up old controll map first however, in case you want to revert.
File probubly does nto exist though, unless you have extracting skyrim bsa, or installed another controlmap edit/mod
 Safe to use, im not having any issues, simply awaiting feedback from others,
Enjoy, and please let me know what you think!!