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The SE port of a mod that adds over 300 NPCs, and allows you to befriend & hire most NPCs in Skyrim

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This mod comes in three parts:

Bunch Of Wanderers

The first part adds over 300 persistent NPCs that you'll meet on your travels. They will fight wild beasts, die to bandits, and get wrecked by dragons. With this mod, you're not the only adventurer in Skyrim.

Convincing Coinage

The second part is a fully voiced system that allows you to hire almost any NPC in the game, for 300 septims a man.

True Mercy

The final part is a proper mercy mechanic. When an NPC is bleeding out and says that they submit, lo' and behold, they submit and won't resume attacking you. In conjunction with Convincing Coinage, this allows you to recruit certain NPCs if you force their submission rather than the default solution of outright killing them.

Unfortunately, since there's no ZAZ Animation Pack port for Skyrim SE, I had to take out my Ferone quest and NPC. All the other parts of this mod are intact.