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There were never enough khajiit companions in skyrim, so I made one...also she has a room cos I got bored.

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A simple khajiit follower added into Riften , located in Beggar's Row. I have modified the small tunnel to the right of the entrance to act as if she was living there already (extended the area, clutter, etc.) 

She is designed to level with the player from level 1 onwards

Yukki is definitely not overpowered in any way shape or form, she is a beggar, she is designed to be a basic companion to assist in combat that will grow with the player. I figured that who would be willing to accompany the dragonborn before he/she knew he/she could shout goats off mountains, so I thought a beggar would be more than likely to go on an adventure if you gave them equipment and a share in the rewards...the ones that aren't alcoholics or gone insane anyways.

She has perks in stealth (rank 1 - 3), light armour (rank 1 - 2), both 1 and 2 handed weapons (1st rank in each) and can pick locks (novice, apprentice and adept). Will not trigger floor traps. She is only in rags and has a dagger, so she is free to be outfitted to your liking.

Required Mods: Pretty Khajiit. I used the changes it makes to female khajiit to create Yukki. Not sure if its 100% required for it to work, but id rather be safe and say it does

I recommend using the Amazing Follower Tweaks SE as well as Heavy Armory by PrivateEye for a greater selection for 2 handed weapons. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul by cloudedtruth, so khajiit have more to say and Alternate Start by Arthmoor

Should work with any body or texture mod, although I do use a UNP body.

Its obvious that I'm new to this, altho I was making basic follower mods for the original skyrim they were mainly for use by me because I couldn't find any to my liking, so any feedback or advice would be much appreciated. There may be more follower and basic/small housing mods in the future depending how this goes