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The wizard warrior is an independent system which allows you to cast spells though weapon or fist,spell damage and cost are the same as you cast them by hands , it has more additional features .For me ,Switching Spell and Weapon is something annoying in Game , that day(2018/01/02) I played my 2 hand weapon build character and was killed by a stupid mage and a stupid archer , I got angry and quitted the game immediately then I started to learn papyrus and make this mod, I was completely a noob for papyrus and creation kit but I told me that I won't play Skyrim again until I finished this mod , as the Dragonborn, Harbinger of the companions, Master of thief guild, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold , Leader of the Dark brotherhood , Alduin Slayer.....,why can’t I cast a spell while holding a 2-hand sword ? This is my 1st Mod , I have published it on my Chinese Skyrim community before and I play it myself . It really brings me a better combat experience. No matter which style you play ,sword shield , dual weapon , archer, 2 hands weapon etc you can make your magicka valuable , hope this mod can improve a lot of your game experience.

Quick Start

After installing the mod, you will have a new "spell" called "The Wizard Warrior : Import Spell" and a shout , you need to use the he Wizard Warrior : Import Spell" to import your spell  , not the magical shout , not the magical shout ,not the magical shout . Go into your [Magic] menu and it will be under [Powers]. Click it and it will bind to Z, which is your powers/shout. When you're done messing around, you can un-equip it and go back to your other powers/shouts , Select a spell to equip such as Fire bolt , do not pick a concentration spell such as flame , do not pick a concentration spell such as flame , do not pick a concentration spell such as flame .After equipping your spell, press Z on your keyboard and a menu will appear on screen that says [Casting Type]. From here, you will be given options on which action to bind the spell to such as Melee Right, Bow, Block, Instant Spell, etc. Once you've selected which action the spell will be cast with, it will ask you which Group you would like to place it under. (In the MCM--Mod Customization Menu in your Settings, you can tweak with the mod including the Groups and other settings),After activating the mod, equip your weapon of choice and start swinging away to see the fireworks!

Capture Mode  : You will have a news spell called  "The Wizard Warrior : Capture Mode"  , cast it and enable the capture mode , then a menu will show to ask you which spell list do you want to import ,  chose it then the capture mode is activated , equip the spell and the spell you have equipped will be automatically put into the list you have chosen , for example , select list 1 and equip firebolt then firebolt will be put in list 1 , then cast the "The Wizard Warrior : Capture Mode" to disable the capture mode and update the spell list . When you have imported enough spells , open the mcm , go to spell group 1,find "import from" click and select list 1 ,then  under Melee right , click "1" and select firebot and click sound to pick a spell sound . After finishing that , close the menu , equip a sword , press "X"to activate the aura and swing your weapon to cast the firebolt.


Dynamic spell assignment 

  • You can use the lesser power “The wizard warrior :import spell”to assign spells to different casting style,there are 2 main casting types ,light attack spell which allows you to assign maximum 2 spells and power attack spell which allows you to assign 1 spell ,every casting style has 4 groups , you can switch spell group by their hotkey , you can check your spells assigned in MCM ,so basically you can have maximum 96 different spells to switch without needing open the inventory and pausing your game 

Dynamic spell sound  assignment 

  • Support for Immersive Sound Compendium , 33 Spell Released sounds are added including 6 custom sounds, custom sounds are set silence .Some vanilla spells have been added into the sound list , they can be detected automatically when you stores them. If when you want to store a spell then a sound menu shows up that means your spell's "released sound" is not in the sound lists , you will have to choose a sound . If your spell has an unique sound from another mod , you can give it a sound provided by my mod or use the custom sound , to do that , you need to find the "released sound" for it and put it into "Sound\FX\The Wizard Warrior\Custom" to replace the custom sound .For all sounds you can easily replace them by your favorite one , just find them in the mod direction"Sound\FX\The Wizard Warrior" to replace them . It's better you cast your spells once before store them in order to make sure that you know what kind of "released sound" your spells have.

Light attack spell

  • Melee right :pouch (including werewolf and vampire lord) ,1 hand weapon ,2 hand weapon .
  • Melee left: pouch (including werewolf and vampire lord) ,1 hand weapon ,duel weapon
  • Bow: bow and crossbow
  • Block : 1 hand block , 2 hand block ,3rd party’s dual parrying
  • Bash:shield bash , 1,hand and 2 hand weapon bash

Power attack spell 

  • Standing , forward ,backward , left , right and power bash, Each power attack spell can generate its corresponding light attack spell which  means you can cast maximum 3 different spells by doing a power attacking

Special ability 

  • waterwalking , muffle ,invisibility and waterbreathing , they can be toggled in MCM


  • This keys aim to separate light attack spell and power attack spell , press this key down then light attack spell , block spell and bash spell will be disable temporarily , they will return normal when the key is up . Sometimes you may only want to cast the power attack spell , this will help you a lot .


  • Save and retrieve your spell setting in case of an update

Instant spell 

  • Instant spell 0 : Allow you to store maximum 2 spells , to cast it Activate the main buff then press current spell group Hotkey , for example , when you activate the main buff , you are in group 1 , then press the group 1 ‘s hotkey to cast an instant spell 0(This spell is store in instant spell 0 of group 1)
  • Instant spell 1 2 3 4 :  Allow you to store maximum 1 spell , to cast it Activate the main buff then press nullify and spell group Hotkey , for example , when you activate the main buff , you are in group 2, press down nullify then press group 3 ' hotkey to cast an instant spell 3(This spell is store in instant spell 3 if group 2 ).

Enchantment spell

  • Unenchanted  weapon can be enchanted when main buff is activated and gain 10% weapon attack speed , you can set enchantment for each spell group , there are 3 enchantments are available , fire , frost ,shock

Magical Shout

allows your to store 2 spell : word 1: Cast Left hand spell word 2 :Right hand spell word 3 : Both spell , it is grouped , can cast without activating the main buff.

Compatibility setting 

  • Bash spell for axe ,mace and crossbow:Default setting doesn't support for the bash spell from these weapons , if you want to use the bash spell though these weapons,you can enable it 

  • Better greatsword power attack spell : Change the power attack spell’s trigger condition from magic effect to animation event for greatsword , if you only use greatsword, I recommend you enable it .

Other Information and issue

  • Support for spells from other mod and Compatible with everything.

  • Spell cost the same magicka as you cast them with hands.

  • Spell’s cost and damage can be affected by other magic effect (perk , enchantment, potion).

  • You can gain experience.

  • Scripts checks and update the magicka cost when you activate the main ability or switch a spell group , don’t forget to update the magicka cost after drinking a potion that reduces magicka cost.

  • Concentration spells are not recommended to use , test it by yourself.

  • When you cast a conjuration spell that summons something , If you aim a position which is out of the conjuration distance , It will fail to cast but still cost magicka.

  • There are 4 different groups , Blue , Red, Purple and Green which represent the effectshader' s color when you activate the The Wizard Warrior main ability.

  • Block Cast has a 1.5 second cooldown to prevent you from casting frequently and others have 0.1 second cooldown.

  • If you import 2 spells , the casting order will be “lefthand spell and righthand spell” , there is 0.1 second delay between the Casting spells.

  • You can store all type spell including concentration , projection ...... but I only recommend you to use projection spell , concentration spell works but strangely ,so take your risk.

  • Powe attack spell sometimes doesn't trigger by unknown reason , maybe "Ispowerattack" doesn't return 1 in some situations ,but greatword with the better greatsword power attack spell trigger works fine because it has its own animation event trigger.

  • Concentration spell sometimes stop casting , the reason is that some script have called "cast" or"addspell" on player, this action will be considered an InterruptCast , one of them is "Enhanced Blood Textures" ,which uses a invisible clock spell and check player and npcs status every 8 second(Default) then apply effect to surrounding NPCs, so you need to higher the script loop delay time from Enhanced Blood Textures to prevent the InterruptCast .Besides, I have make a recast function , press the toggle key while casting concentration spell with block to recast the spell manually.

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