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New Magic Combat System allows you to dynamically assign your spells to animations or hotkeys and cast them without needing equip them on your hands , make your magic combat completely different , Compatible with every Magic spell mod and Ordinator .

Permissions and credits
I’m not good at English but I try my best

Version 4.0  in process.....will rebuild the whole casting system to improve script performance and add some new features.

Thanks to Japanese Friend for recommending my mod to Japanese Skyrim community!!!


Version 3.0 is Released

This mod doesn't add any spell only changes the way you cast  , compatible with mod like Ordinator and every Magic spell mod , hope it can bring you the best magic combat ever

PS: I do want to make a feature that you can get the enchantement from weapon and put it into each slot so that you can have 4 enchantements  in combat to switch without needing charge it , but I cannot find a way to work it out , lack of a function to add enchantement to weapon via script or a function that add magickaeffect to a spell


For me ,Switching Spell and Weapon is something annoying in Game  , that day(2018/01/02) I played my 2 hand weapon build character and was killed by a stupid mage and a stupid archer , I got angry and quitted the game immediately then I started to learn papyrus and make this mod, I  was completely a noob for papyrus and creation kit but I told me that I won't play skyrim again until I finished this mod  , as the Dragonborn, Harbinger of the companions, Master of thief guild, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold , Leader of the Dark brotherhood , Alduin Slayer.....,why can’t I cast a spell while holding a 2-hand sword ?
This is my 1st Mod , I have published it on my Chinese Skyrim community for a few days and I play it myself . It really brings me a better combat experience.

Video is from Version 2.0

V3.06 Additional Features

Separate the power attack spell : Add a new hotkey "Hold"(default key is "Alt") you can change it from mcm , press this key down then light attack spell , block spell and bash spell will be disable temporarily , they will return normal when the key is up. Sometimes you may only want to cast the power attack spell , this will help you a lot . 

V3.0 Additional Features

Instant Spell : Add Instant Spell per slot ,when you have switched to a slot , press this slot's hotkey again allows you to cast the spell instantaneously , you can have maximum 2 spell stored , 4 slots can give you maximum 8 spells stored .You can cast the spell ever you are jumping or  when you have transformed into Werewolf or Vampire lord. Instant Spell has 1s cool down.

Power Attack Additional Spell from different direction: You can cast 5 different spells by power attacking from 5 directions "Standing" ,"Forward" ,"Backward" ,"Leftward" and "Rightward" , each direction can store only 1 spell , you can have 5 spells stored per color slot , 4 slots can give you maximum 20 spells stored

Sound System Improvement:Support for Immersive Sound Compendium , 33 Spell Released sounds are added including 6 custom sounds, custom sounds are set silence .Some vanilla spells have been added into the sound list , they can be detected automatically when you stores them. If when you want to store a spell then a sound menu shows up that means your spell's "released sound" is not in the sound lists , you will have to choose a sound . If your spell has an unique sound from another mod , you can give it a sound provided by my mod or use the custom sound , to do that , you need to find the "released sound" for it and put it into "Sound\FX\The Wizard Warrior\Custom" to replace the custom sound .For all sounds you can easily replace them by your favourite one , just find them in the mod direction"Sound\FX\The Wizard Warrior" to replace them . It's better you cast your spells once before store them in order to make sure that you know what kind of "released sound" your spells have.

MCM Upgrade:Add a revert button for each part of slot , you can revert the spell stored by click them . Add a page "Revert Sound List" to revert the sound added by script in case of a wrong selection of sound.

V2.0 Features

New Spell Casting Way: The buff "Wrath of Magic " gives you the ability to cast your spell by swing your weapon and your fist , shooting arrow , parrying and bashing  while activating it

WaterWalking : "Wrath of Magic " also gives you the ability of "WaterWalking" , activate the "Wrath of Magic " under the water will directly put you out of the water . I added this function recently because sometimes,while fight with dragon , I go into the water and can do nothing , that was so stupid !

Effective Cost and Damage
: The Spell cost and damage are the same as you cast it while equiping them on your hand and they can be affected by perk or anything else which means it is fully compatible with the mod like Ordinator , you also can gain skill experience by casting spell in this way

Store Spell
  : Spells can be stored in those animation trigger , compatible with all spell mod ,no patch is needed even in future , as long as it is a spell it can be stored and cast
1.Melee Right : Weapon swing right , Fist attack right(Werewolf and Vampire lord included) , 2hands weapon swing and Power attack
2.Melee Left : Weapon swing left , Fist attack left (Werewolf and Vampire lord included)
3.Bow: Bow and Crossbow shooting
4.Block: 1hand block , 2hand block , shield block and dual weapon block and fist block by other mod
5.Bash:  1hand bash , 2hand bash ,bow bash 

Colorful Spell Slots : Each animation trigger has 4 spell slots you can switch them by the slot hotkey , Blue , Red, Purple and Green which represent the effectshader's color to help you identify which slot you are currently using when "Wrath of Magic " is activated , slot can be use to store your spell from your equipped spells by using the ability "The Wizard Warrior - GetSpell " . Fill all the slot , you can basically have maximum 40 spell to switch without opening the spell inventory and pausing your game.

Sound Identification : To solve the common problem that using "Cast" function won't have the spell released sound , when store the spell , the sound menu will show up to identify the "released sound" 

MCM Custom hotkey :5 custom hotkey are available to toggle the "Wrath of Magic " and switch slot.

MCM Spell page : MCM has 4 pages to show your spells stored in each of the slot.

More features are coming up !!!!

PS: I have heard that people said dual wield 's left attack is useless and now it is useful Simply , this mod only changes the way you cast , not the spell you cast .
How to use
You need to equip the spell on your hand and use “The Wizard Warrior” power to store your spell , if you equip one spell (lefthand or righthand) it will store one spell, if you equip 2 spells (whatever they are the same spell or not ) ,it will store two spells. And then the SoundType Menu will show up ,because my mod uses the function “Cast” to cast the spell which means the spell will not have the “release sound” when the animation event starts , so you need to choose which soundtype your spell equipped is , there are 33 sounds available , if you choose other , your spell will keep the “release sound” silence , you can check your spell equipped by click the button "check" .Once you have choosen the Soundtype, your spell will be added into the corresponding formlist , the 2nd time you wan to store these spells ,the Soundtype menu won’t show up again. if you make a misclicking , you can go to the MCM and revert the sound list and store the spell again.
Then , you will need to choose the animation ,there are 5 animations available ,choose what you want and then choose the slot
There are 4 different slots , Blue , Red, Purple and Green which represent the effectshader's color when you activate the “The Wizard Warrior Buff” , once you have stored your spell , press X(the default toggle hotkey) to activate the “Wrath of Magic "Buff and you can cast the spell without equipping them on your hand and click other slot hotkey to switch , you can check your spells stored in MCM
Wrath of Magic also gives you the ability "waterwalking" , activate when you are under water will directly put you out of the water.

The default slot is Blue ,to switch the slot , you can set the slot hotkey in the MCM , and I recommend that you set the slot hotkey to 1234..... and bound you 1234 key to the voice power by the Skyui QuickMenu so that you can make a combination with your spells and your voice powers .Basically , you can have maximum 40 spells to switch without opening the menu and pausing your game
Load order

Whatever you want , nothing  will be overwritten

And by the way , use wisely .
Theoretically Compatible with everything, including every magic spell mod , as long as it is a spell it can be stored and cast ,except the spell is triggered by some conditions that requires you equip magic on your hand(Iscasting , Isdualcasting)  , You can also change the “release sound” by yourself to improve compatibility.

Vancian magic from ordinator does not recognize the spells used by swinging a weapon basically giving you unlimited spells to cast , Reported 

Known Issues

Cast a spell which out of the casting range will fail to cast but cost magicka , for example when you cast a conjuration spell that summons something , If you aim a postion which is out of the conjuration distance , It will fail to cast but cost magicka , I don't want to fix that because to fix it I have to add some limitation for the script which will increase the script lag so just don't miss your cast.

Power attacking sometimes can't cast the spell .(I'm going to rebuild the whole system in V4.0 and try to fix this ) 

Sometimes you can't cast lightbolt spell but still heard the sound and cost magicka .

More details :
Block Cast has a 1.5s cooldown to prevent you from casting frequently and others have 0.1s cooldown
If you store 2 spells , the casting order will be “lefthand spell and righthand spell” , there is 0.1s delay between the Casting spells

You can store all type spell including concentration , projection ...... but I only recommend you to use projection spell , concentration spell works but strangely ,so take your risk

Recommend MOD
Proper aiming  ( the Known Issue from Proper aiming doesn't exist in my mod , Spell aims well)

Customizable Camera

These 2 mod help you aim better , and recommend all the magic mod .
Thank you and enjoy it 

More Features coming up...........Maybe


Special thank to Ordinator by EnaiSiaion , the perk Spellsubscribe gives me the idea of this mod