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Run depletes stamina, combat depletes stamina, bleeding depletes stamina, swimming depletes stamina, reduced health regeneration, increased jump/fall damage, realistic fall heights, realistic movement! And much more! ALL DYNAMIC! In a deeply way. Be strategic in your adventures, or face the consequences! Affects NPCs too. Now with M

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Vulture's Dynamic Realism

Run depletes stamina, combat depletes stamina, bleeding depletes stamina, swimming depletes stamina, reduced health regeneration, increased jump/fall damage, realistic fall heights, realistic movement! And much more! ALL DYNAMIC! In a deeply way!
Be strategic in your adventures, or face the consequences!
Now affects NPCs too!

Aren't you amazed how you can run the whole Skyrim up and down without even taking a breather?
Doesn't it feel awkward how you can dive in to the waters in full armor and not get tired swimming the whole Sea of Ghosts?
Do you think with such high jumps it's a wonder how they didn't name you Parkour champion instead of Dragonborn?
Now it's really strange how someone who can jump from that high can only walk as slow as a turtle, right?
Or how no matter how heavy the armor you wear, how proficient you are with it, how many hundreds of lbs you carry with you, you always walk and run at the same pace???
And when you are in combat, doesn't it feel out of place how you can handle bow, weapon and shield from level 1 without any problems?
And what about this magical healing that makes even the greaviest wounds get fully healed in a matter of minutes?

Everything mentioned above (and more) is adjusted to feel more realistic, and that dynamically, meaning the more experience you get, the more easier and natural will adventuring feel to you. Handicaps that hinder you when you are a rookie adventurer, will hinder you much less once you get more and more experience aka levels and/or skills.

Details: (everything described below will affect NPCs too if you install the NPCs addon)

CASTING DEPLETES STAMINA, to reflect the fact that a spell can also tire you physically if you keep casting it for too long.
DUAL CASTING depletes significantly more stamina.
What you wear affects your casting ability. Covering your hands is not wise. Wearing a helmet can also be a hindrance.
The more experienced you get the less stamina you will need to cast spells.

WALKING AND RUNNING ARE AFFECTED BY YOUR INVENTORY WEIGHT. Forget about carrying with you dozens of dragonbones and dwemer junk. If you don't want to fall in to a crawl, carry with you just the essentials for your adventures. A mule or a follower (sometimes serves the same job) can
prove precious when adventuring far from your home base.

YOUR STAMINA IS AFFECTED BY YOUR INVENTORY WEIGHT. The more you carry, the more easily you get tired carrying all this junk around.

RAIN, SNOW, AND ASH STORMS DRAIN YOUR STAMINA REGENERATION. To reflect the harshness of the weather affecting you physically. Snow and Ash Storms are much more harsh than rain. The above weather penalties can be lifted by wearing appropriate attire for these bad weathers. I guess all adventurers know this by now... However PLEASE NOTICE that even if you wrap yourself with the warmest stuff, you will only be able to stop the weather draining your stamina. You will NOT regenerate stamina naturally. You will need to find shelter in a nearby city or village (or even a dungeon if you are courageous enough), or set camp and wait for the weather to pass by, in order to continue adventuring efficiently. Nords are the least affected. Woodelves are somewhat ok with the rain. Orcs are less affected by the weather than the rest of the races. Argonians are not affected by rain, since they are amphibians and should like the extra water.

MAGICAL "NATURAL" HEALING HAS BEEN DISABLED! Well, not exactly, you still heal over time but what yesterday took minutes, now it will take days! Sleeping cures though, as does seeing a healer, drinking a potion, etc.
Goes very good together with Healers In Skyrim.


YOUR LIGHT ARMOR OUTFIT WILL TIRE YOU AND SLOW YOU DOWN MORE, THE LESS PROFICIENT YOU ARE IN LIGHT ARMOR. Same as above. Penalties are not as severe as for heavy armor of course.

Each armor part has different effect on your movement and stamina. You can mix and match, which will create different penalties each time. A matching outfit will still slightly benefit movement and stamina, to reflect that all parts were made to fit each other.

RUNNING DRAINS YOUR STAMINA. The less experienced you are, the more! Running out of stamina makes the whole burden of your inventory to fall on your shoulders! (you will be forced to stop running by setting your carry weight to a ridiculously high negative number temporarily - there is an optional file to remove this feature if you don't want it). You have to stop to catch your breath before you can continue running again. A HORSE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! During combat, force-walking is disabled. You are STRONGLY advised not to reach or push your limits, because:

STAMINA DOESN'T SIMPLY REGENERATE BY JUST STANDING STILL AND TAKING A BREATHER! If you've outstretched yourself, going over the limits for a long time, it will take MUCH MUCH more time to start regenearating stamina again! Furthermore, going over your limits stops health regeneration almost completely (if you have added it through magic, since it is -almost completely- disabled otherwise). YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! This also realistically reflects how after a battle you need a considerable ammount of time to get back on track. Stamina regenerating alchemical ingredients and potions remove the cooldown needed after stamina depletion. Enchanted items -intentionaly- do not. So before diving into battle, make sure you eat (or drink) something useful!

SWIMMING DRAINS YOUR STAMINA! The harsher the weather, the worse the penalty. The more heavy stuff you wear in the water, the more tired you get. The more you carry with you (inventory), the more tired you get. Diving naked with only the essentials in your inventory, and leaving your other stuff behind somewhere, is the only way to get as minimized a penalty as possible, because
THE WATERS CAN BE UNFORGIVING! You cannot regenerate your stamina in the water, you cannot stop and take a breather; the more you stay inside there the more you get tired! And remember, stamina doesn't simply regenerate the moment you get out. If you stay for some time in, it will take SIGNIFICANT more time to get your stamina to start regenerating again, once you get back to the shore!
Stamina regenerating alchemical ingredients and potions remove the cooldown needed after stamina depletion. Enchanted items -intentionaly- do not. So before diving in the lake, make sure you eat something helpful (or drink a potion).
Argonians (again) don't take any penalties for diving in the water, but do take inventory, outfit, and weather penalties. So I should say naked Argonians do not get penalties during nice weather.

WALKING OVER YOUR MAXIMUM CAPACITY DRAINS YOUR STAMINA! Yes, even walking. I wrote this already I think.

A HEALTHY MIND IN A HEALTHY BODY! If your health falls below 25, you cannot concentrate mentally enough to sustain your magicka. An exhausted
body (zero stamina) can also not concentrate mentally. Whenever your stamina is depleted, your magicka will start to diminish. If it reaches zero, it
will reflect you trying to concentrate but failing. You trying to concentrate but failing can be seen on the magicka bar most of the time.

A HEALTHY BODY... IS NOT A SICKLY BODY! If you have less than 25 health, you are not considered healthy anymore. You cannot maintain and
stabilize your stamina. Adventuring in this condition is not wise. Not being able to maintain your stamina, you can only most of the time walk,
as your body is too weak to run. Go to a safe place and sleep it over, or drink a healing potion, find a healer, etc. Your agony (be it from a
wound or out of breath) can be seen on the stamina bar most of the time.

A HEALTHY BODY IS A WINNER! Whenever you maintain at least 100 points of health, you gain benefits in your stamina consumption, and in your movement speed. These bonuses do not apply when it is raining/snowing or in the middle of an ash storm and you are outside.
(this is a cheat, hardcore players can disable it; see below).
Of course I know everybody wants their character to just walk faster, so this will help you to keep pace with NPCs, while carrying less than 300lbs of junk, plus wearing a set of armor and carrying weapon, shield, and bow. Higher lever players most probably don't need this since they will not be penalized as much without it, being more "experienced".

COMBAT: (everything described below will affect NPCs too if you install the NPCs addon)

A Combat optional addon for the more hardcore players is available. Here is what it offers:

1) 1-HANDED ATTACKS COST STAMINA. The less your one-handed skill, the more stamina you will need.
2) 2-HANDED NORMAL ATTACKS COST STAMINA. Significantly more than 1-handed attacks. The less your two-handed skill, the more stamina is needed.
3) BOW DRAWING DRAINS YOUR STAMINA! The less your archery skill, the more. Inproficient archers beware!
3) BLOCKING COSTS STAMINA. Just holding your shield up, you consume stamina. The less experience you have in blocking, the worst.

All the above make for a more realistic gameplay.
With the above tweaks:
Rookies entering the world of Skyrim will feel overwhelmed! Heavy armor is not a viable option, as it can be handled efficiently only by more experienced adventurers. Casting depletes you physicaly and you have to be very dedicated to be a novice mage. Even drawing your bow requires all your strength. In general, everything seems difficult. However, the more you level-up, the more rewarding it feels. Difficulties of the past, can be forgotten in the future. And it just rocks hearing your character breathing and pounding so often during combat, reflecting his agony and effort in dealing with the situation! ;)

The above tweaks will make you more thoughtful and strategic when adventuring Skyrim.
  • No longer can you run away from foes unless you are already in combat!
  • No longer can you chase elks all through the tundra!
  • You have to think about your attacks and blocks more carefully!
  • Makes exploring the wilds more challenging. You have to be extra careful now and scan your surroundings. You need to be thoughtful of not running into danger, because this time it will really be danger! (Imagine encountering a bear while running in the wilds with depleted stamina and/or low on health)
  • Going swimming should only be because of an emergency.
  • Adventuring through harsh weather as if walking through the park is not possible anymore.
  • You cannot spam-bash your enemies anymmore. Timing your blocks and bashes might prove life saving!
  • You NEED to time your power-attacks when the enemy is in a weak position, or you will not get another chance soon again!
  • You NEED to catch your breath during combat if you want to fight efficiently and survive. Especially fights with more than one enemies become really hard.

* please notice that with the above tweaks, since they are dynamic, the more you level up, the more easy it will be for you. This feels rewarding, but on the other hand high level players may find the tweaks to be too easy. Either way, try them, it will introduce a new kind of gameplay, presenting hindrances you haven't thought of before, and will make your game more challenging anyway, without hurting your performance, bloating your save games, or making any other baddies SINCE THIS DOESN'T USE ANY SCRIPTS AT ALL! (NPCs addon does use a very small script every 5 seconds though)
It does not add invisible objects, mess with the skyrim world, conflict with any mods (I am playing it with 200 esps), etc.

Further tweaks:

Realistic Gravity
(affects NPCs too)

Now you can no longer jump insane big heights as in vanilla. You will get injured!
Height adjustments have been made to reflect more realistic jumping/falling, taken into consideration that an adventurer would infact be more athletic than a regular guy, and would be able to make more risky jumps. However, overdoing it will injure you, and extreme heights can outright kill you! Height adjustments and damage adjustments have been made, to make this possible. Lastly, gravity now influences your jumps more. No more jumping as if you're slow-motion float mid-air before landing. Wrapped up, it makes for a much more realistic feel of jumping/falling.

Movement Tweaks (affects NPCs too)

  • Sprinting reduced -20%
  • Sneak running reduced -20%
  • Walking increased +10%
  • Running reduced -20%
  • Forward running while blocking increased +10%
  • Swimming reduced -20%
  • Walking with a 1-handed weapon increased +10%
  • Running with a 1-handed weapon reduced -20%
  • Running with a 2-handed weapon reduced -25%
  • Walking with a bow increased +20%
  • Running with a bow reduced -20%
  • Moving with a bow drawned reduced -20%
  • Running with magic in your hands reduced -20%
  • Running while casting magic reduced -20%
  • Walking while attacking increased +10%
  • Running while attacking reduced -20%
  • Running while power-attacking reduced -20%
  • Running while attacking with a 2-handed weapon reduced -30%
  • Walking while shield-charging increased +10%
  • Running while shield-charging reduced -20%
  • Running while taking quick shots with a bow reduced -20%

Please support me on Patreon:

NPCs addon:
Penalties of the MAIN file are affecting nearby NPCs. However please notice that NPCs have less stamina than you (sometimes
half the stamina), so they are penalized anyway by the game already.
It's your choice if you want to use this addon.

NPCs Combat addon:
Penalties of the COMBAT file are affecting nearby NPCs. However please
notice that NPCs have less stamina than you (sometimes half the
stamina), so they are penalized anyway by the game already. It's your
choice if you want to use this addon.

Less Harsh Weathers optional file:
Weather penalties reduced by 50%. You STILL need to think about what to
wear, otherwise you won't survive in bad weather! Using everything
available to warm yourself, will eliminate the penalty and let you
regenerate stamina even in bad weather. Snowshoes will also help during

Download the zip file(s), extract in your Skyrim\Data folder, check in your mod manager and play.
If you are using any of the addon files:
COMBAT addon goes after the MAIN file
NPCs addon goes after the MAIN file
NPCs COMBAT addon goes after the MAIN file, after the COMBAT file, and after the NPCs file.
Less Harsh Weathers goes after the MAIN file.

A valid example of a working load order:
Vulture Dynamic Realism.esp
Vulture Dynamic Realism - Combat.esp
Vulture Dynamic Realism - NPCs.esp
Vulture Dynamic Realism - NPC Combat.esp
Vulture Dynamic Realism - Less Harsh Weathers.esp

If other mods conflict with this, they will simply override Vulture's Dynamic Realism settings. To prevent that, make sure Vulture Dynamic Realism.esp is loaded last in your mod order. I've had an incompatibility with Combat Evolved where when I was sneaking and someone was searching for me, my stamina was going down. Weirdest thing ever! Fixed by fixing my load order.

This should be compatible with everything. If you find any conflict please report it.
It is highly recommended to play it with:
as it will recognize the hoods and cloaks from these mods as protecting for the bad weathers.
(Other clothing and armor is also considered protective, so you don't absolutely need these mods if you don't want them; however, really warm and protective stuff is only found in this mods)

Simply un-check the mod in your mod manager.
This mod is script-less, which means it will NOT create bad saves or damage your game in any way!

Open the console and type (without the quotes):
"stopquest VDR_StaminaDrainQuest": will stop stamina drain based on level, heavy armor, light armor, inventory, and swimming.
"stopquest VDR_CastingDrainQuest": will stop stamina drain based on if the player is casting/dualcasting.
"stopquest VDR_MinimizedHealingQuest": will revert healing regeneration to normal levels.
"stopquest VDR_WeatherDrainQuest": will stop stamina drain based on weather.
"stopquest VDR_MovementDrainQuest": will stop speed changes based on inventory weight, heavy armor outfit, and light armor outfit.
"stopquest VDR_StaminaDepletedQuest": will stop stuff happening when your stamina falls to 0 (keeping track of time being 0, depleting magicka, etc).
"stopquest VDR_BleedingDrainQuest": will stop stamina and magicka reducing due to low health.
"stopquest VDR_CombatDrainQuest": will stop stamina drain based on combat actions.
"stopquest VDR_WimpyQuest": will stop stamina and movement boost. This is what the hardcore/high-level players would be most interested in.
"stopquest VDR_NPCAliases" & "stopquest VDR_NPCUpdate": will stop the NPC stamina penalties. You must use both commands to stop the penalties.

Replacing "stopquest" with "startquest" will restart the associated feature.

I have made this for my personal playthrough. I like it as it is. If I don't like something, I'll change it. As it is now, I don't want to change anything. I'm open to suggestions, but YOU HAVE TO respect the fact that this is a very simple mod actually which you downloaded for free and if I have time I will update it. If not, not. This is a scriptless proof-of-concept kind of mod, which I made in TES5Edit, without using the Creation Kit at all. I know it's limited and not polished, but since I'm not in the mood to script anything in my free time (I script for a living), it will stay scriptless and limited and not polished. If anyone wants to join me in making this even better, please PM me, I'm open for it. Thank you for your understanding, even reading thus far makes you A REALLY AWESOME PERSON!