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Gives Apachii hair to all Interesting NPCs. No esp. Requires only texture folders from Apachi hair packs.
Optional: Hair for Carriage and Ferry Travel, Legacy of Dragonborn, JK's Skyrim, Palaces and Castes Enhanced, Cutting room floor, Project AHO.

Permissions and credits

All Interesting NPCs are given Apachii Hair (~200 NPC)
(some examples - see screenshots)

+ Only new Apachi packs used.
+ I didn't change some of the NPCs that looked pretty good without meddling
(like bald NPCs, some elders etc.)


There some other mods I made hair replacers for, grab them in Optional files.
The requirements for everything are TEXTURE FOLDERS from all 3 Apachi packs and nothing else.
Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (~20 NPC)
Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE (~40 NPC) Some NPCs will change hairstyles during expeditions, quests.
JK Skyrim SSE (~20 NPC).
Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE (~60 NPC)
Cutting room floor (~8 NPC)
Project AHO (~20 NPC)


Interesting NPCs SSE
(made for v3.4.2)

ApachiiSkyHair SSE
 You need only textures folders from all 3 packs:

In last version you don't need .esps and meshes folder from Apachi packs,
all you need is texture folders!

Now mod and all optional addons are esp-free, only meshes.
Advantages of eps free file is: no update problems, no conflicts with other mods, no esp slot use, easy to delete (or edit) specific NPCs.


1) Install ApachiiSkyHair SSE (you need only textures folders), Interesting NPCs
2) MANUAL: Please don't, use some mod manager. You'll be overwriting FaveGenData and it'll be close to impossible to uninstall.
NMM or Mod Organizer: Click the “Download with Manager” button and activate the mod to initialize the installer. Make sure to move .esp file at the bottom of the load order.


It could be uninstalled safely, if you installed with any mod manager. 
It shouldn't break anything, it's only hair chnage.
Uninstall the main file with NMM or Mod Organizer.


Mods that change NPCs in Interesting NPCs obviously.
The Mods will still work, just place the looks you want lower in the load order.
(for example "Interesting NPCs - 3DNPC - Overhaul")


SG Female Textures Renewal
The Eyes Of Beauty (Oldrim)
Fine Face Textures for Men (Oldrim)
Rustic Clothing
High Resolution Scars (Oldrim)
The Book of UUNP
SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB