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Lightweight location damage system.
Adds hit locations that include the head, torso, legs and more.

Permissions and credits
Basic Location Damage - Special Edition

[ Requirements ]

SKSE64_2_00_06 or later 

[ Description ]

Adds a lightweight angle & positional based locational damage system with the following hit locations:

Head:  High chance of instant kill on npcs,  depending on weapon, unless armor is worn. (Can be disabled)
Neck:  Instant kill or bleed-out on npcs.
Torso - Front/Back/Sides:  Side hits are the most effective target on the torso against armored opponents 
Left Arm:  Chance of disarming a shield if equipped
Right Arm:  Chance of disarming weapon
Legs:  Temporarily cripple an opponent, cause a bleed-out, or stun, depending on the weapon used and the armor worn
Back Knees:  Vulnerable even when fully armored. A successful hit can cause a fatal bleed-out

Hits to the locations will have different levels of effectiveness depending on the following factors:

-weapon used
-size and mass of the opponent
-whether or not the target is wearing armor at the location
-the armor's rating
-the attack's power

A menu spell is added with the following options:

-the ability to adjust the locational damage magnitude
-disable/enable instant kills for unarmored headshots.
-disable/enable locational damage effect on the player, or npcs
-disable/enable off-hit damage reduction - lowers base weapon damage that the player does so that only locational hits have a significant effect
-disable/enable disarmed item drops - to address savegame-bloating concerns, disarmed items will be simply unequipped from the npc.

-disable/enable locational killmoves - targeting the head or torso may trigger a killmove, if the location is not armored or the armor is light and your combined melee skills are high (IF randomNumber < ((onehanded+twohanded)*0.6)  THEN attempt killmove).

[ Additional Info / Known Issues ]

-Ranged attacks tend to fire slightly above the crosshair in SE. This causes the SE version of this mod to be slightly less accurate for ranged headshots. I intend to fix this in the future.
-At the moment, the locational damage will not effect mounted NPCs, Ghosts, Dwarven Automations, and other creatures that cannot be resurrected ex: Dragons, Atronachs etc.
-You may notice a delayed effect in large modded battle scenes if many demanding scripts are running at the same time.
-On rare occasions, you may encounter an npc who seems immune to locational damage. I have been unable to fully fix this so I setup a way of detecting when it happens and removing off-hit damage reduction on npc affected if enabled.

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