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This is a retexture of the Skeletons.

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Skeleton 4k retexture:

This is a texture replacer for the Skeleton.
It's made via Photoshop and compressed as "bc7 srgb" and "bc7 linear".
A dark version and a bright version is available.
You can also choose a different normal if you like. (Check screenshots above)

Content update: 27.02.2018

This mod is now completely reworked from scratch.

1. Splitted installer for every resolution
2. Glowing eyes remover is now integrated
3. Now provides 6 instead of 2 different textures

Update 1.2

Completely removed the "splitted head bug"
special thanks to Dragens


after with lightning

after without lightning

Update 1.1

After tweaking the diffuse and the normal map I've managed to increase the level of detail a bit more and also decrease the normal map bug where it looks like the head is splitted into two parts.
At the same moment I discovered something.
The vanilla texture of the skeleton had the same diffuse bug that I had afterwards. I got rid of it with an easy solution.
In Photoshop I inserted my diffuse map and also the vanilla version of oldrim but as an extra layer with an opacity of 50%.
They just forgot a small part of the head diffuse texture.
But Pictures tell more then words.

special thanks to: 999-jay-999 
I haven't noticed these bugs without you. 




The only one I've noticed so far is ELFX.
If you use that one the normal map bug seems to be slightly increased


Use NMM or copy data folder into your Skyrim root folder.


Simply uninstall via NMM or delete the following files in "\textures\actors\skeleton\"

(or simply the folder called "skeleton")

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Also vist my homepage for news and more.