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Keep rarely used configuration spells or rings from spawning back into your lists.

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Clear your spells lists of unwanted spells and keep rarely used configuration spells or rings from spawning back into your lists

Don't want that never-used configuration spell? Tired of that first-level Healing spell? Clean it!

for EdmondNoir


Version 2

On first load, Spells Clean checks if each supported plugin (listed below) is active in your load and marks any not found as ignored for future game loads. For plugins found, and any spells added by player, 30 seconds (default) after game load Spells Clean will check if your character has the spells or items and remove them. This keeps your spells lists trimmed down without having to repeatedly enter console commands.

  • monitors a select list of mods with configuration spells and items
  • add more spells to clean using Add-a-Spell
  • all spells available (adds if missing) first 30 seconds (default) after game load for convenience - save game, reload, and use spell
  • disable / enable or customize options
  • for a bit of irony, use the configuration spell, Options: Spells Clean, to customize or add new spells to clean. This spell removes itself.
  • SkyUI MCM (v2.50+) - all the same, but also toggle your spells anytime without save-and-reload nonsense!

For more details, complete instructions, and special customization options see the website, www.dracotorre.com/mods/spellsclean/

add more spells or rings using Add-a-Spell

Before adding spells best with Enable Verbose option (default on) to get feedback on spells or items added to list. Any modded jewelry should work (unless mod re-spawns another), but base-game quest items may not be added to avoid breaking your game. You get up to 9 seconds in game (timer pauses in menu) to access the menu containing the desired spell.

When Add-a-Spell enabled, equip spell or ring to add. If you need to remove a spell, equip again.

Power Spell instructions

  1. cast Options: Spells Clean and select Add-a-Spell
  2. select Yes
  3. equip 1 or more spells or rings to clean
  4. exit menus

MCM instructions

  1. MCM - Spells Clean
  2. select Add-a-Spell page
  3. checkbox the Add on-Equip Enable
  4. close MCM 
  5. equip 1 or more spells or rings to clean
  6. (optional) return to MCM and un-check Add on-Equip Enable to clean immediately


Some spells may activate each time added and compound effect. Avoid adding these kinds of spells to your hide list.

Reported incompatible (do not hide):


mods monitored 

mods and spells known to re-spawn 

    • “Campfire” and “Frostfall” by Chesko - Options: Campfire and Options: Frostfall
    • “Wearable Lanterns” by Chesko - Options: Wearable Lanterns
      • (optional) Lantern: Fuel Check and Lantern: Toggle
    • “Wet and Cold” by isoku - Wet and Cold Configuration
    • “iNeed” by isoku - Actions: iNeed (optional in v2.21+ -- see Extras)

other mods with spells and rings
    • “Better Vampires” by Brehanin2 - (Better Vampires…)
    • “Deadly Combat” by Borgut1337 - Deadly Combat…Customization
    • “Flower Girls SE x” by Xiderpunk - Flower Girl Options
    • “Facelight” by tktk - Facelight Restore
    • “Hunter Born” SE by Unuroboros - Options: Hunterborn
    • “Immersive Citizens” by Arnaud dOrchymont - Citizens Control
    • (optional item) “Moonlight Tales SE” by Brevi - Ancient Ring
    • “Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel” (NAT) by L00 - NAT SETTINGS
    • “Smilodon - Combat of Skyrim” by Enai Siaion - Smilodon
    • “Unread Books Glow SSE” by duggelz - {Unread Books Glow Settings}
    • “Vigor - Combat and Injuries” by Alex9ndre - (Menu)Vigor…
    • “Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim” by Enai Siaion - Configure Wildcat

configuration books (optional items)
    • "Vivid Weathers" by MangaClub
    • "Acquisitive Soul Gems Multithreaded" (ASGM) by eyeonus
    • "Genesis Unleashed" by SOT team

Optional spells or rings are ignored by default. See the Extras in Options: Spells Clean to toggle keep or clean.



Install to your games data folder. Backup your save-game files in case you change your mind. Do not remove this mod mid-game! Instead, choose Disable option in Options: Spells Clean to stop hiding spells.

If yet to complete Helgen Unbound (or using alternate start mod) then Spells Clean will wait until next game load to start.

On first startup, Spells Clean will check all mods in it’s list. If a mod is found it will mark it to monitor on future game loads, and if not found will mark it to skip reducing activity on future game loads. If later you add a mod which is on the list, you may tell Spells Clean to check all mods again using the option, Reset Mod Checks.


Similar Mods

"Spell Eraser" by Eps01 for classic Skyrim  - thanks to dek55 for the tip


EdmondNoir for making the request and inspiring the idea

screen shots include font, “Sovngarde - Mist’s Font Replacer” by Mist

All the great authors of mods included in Spells Clean and suggestions by Modddder and sirjesto

Tools used: Notepad++, Creation Kit, Photoshop, SSEedit by zilav, ElminsterAU and team


Available for Xbox at bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4056792

Latest source scripts found on GitHub at github.com/Dracotorre/SpellsClean