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More Alien Skyrim is total sky overhaul and a SweetFX preset design to make skyrim totally alien, and totally beautiful. It is designed for use with Climates of Tamriel, and now contains an edited version of the CoT sunsprite designed by me especially for this mod.

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Skyrim Special Edition Version!!
Please let me know if you encounter any issues! 
(Links in the description are from the old version)

MAS - More Alien Skyrim - Sky

The new Galaxy texture is a collage made by me of random free images from NASA and images taken from galaxy texture resources on The Nexus which I obtained permission to use!

Is this mod a little much on it's own, or would you just like a more dramatic SweetFX preset? Download my other mod Alienvision 2! It is specially designed for Skyrim Special Edition!


I'll cut to the chase quickly. Some mod authors will ramble for 45 minutes before telling you what a mod does. I will lay it out clearly in black and white for you... err, grey and green.

First, and foremost, this is a sky overhaul. This adds a high def starfield with visible distance galaxies, a BEAUTIFUL high def galaxy, completely separate rigged nebula that cover the entire sky, giving an effect unlike any mod that just edits the stars and galaxies. This combines, for a STUNNING night sky that is simply awing to look at.

Secondly, this is a moon replacer, or more, overhauler. Instead of just two bland, boring moons, there are now 14 moons which will circulate about randomly! These are all very visually striking, and unique, special moons! You will never see two of the same moon, nor will you see simple recolors of saturn and earth! All moons are totally alien, and stunning!

Lastly, I threw in an interesting sun replacer that fits the theme of this mod very well! It doesn't add much, but it's a very pretty sun, and not overly bright, or overly bland.

DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE CREDITS! A lot of hard work from a LOT of people have gone into this mod (mostly indirectly) I greatly appreciate there hard work, and over 40 hours of my life have been suck into this mod as well! I really hope you enjoy it! ^_^


This mod only adds textures and a single mesh to the game, it adds no scripts, and the esp only resizes the moods, and thus, THIS MOD CAN NOT CAUSE A CRASH;

If you experience a crash with this mod, it is MEMORY RELATED, which means uninstalling and talking bad about my mod won't fix your game permanently. What will fix your game will also let you continue to use this mod.


This mod was made with one intention, and one intention only - To make exploring Skyrim a visually exhilarating experience. I eventually intend to release animal texture replacers, armor texture replacers, and even a plant replacer! But for now, I have created MAS SKY - A total sky and lighting overhaul! A MAJOR update from the Demo version I had up until now! It's basically not even the same mod, and because of this, you will have to totally uninstall the old version first!

The previous version of this mod was based on making skyrim look as if it was an alien moon, orbiting some giant planet. The new version actually digs more into the TES world, and throws all former remnants of logical astronomy out the window(kinda like vanilla skyrim); But not in a bad way. You see, Nirn isn't like the Earth at all. It isn't even orbiting a star, but rather floats aimlessly in a void near a giant hole that was ripped in said void by magnus some time ago. This giant hole, is the sun, and all the other stars are tiny holes; THAT is legit TES lore. I take that a step father, and say, there are tons of OTHER planets floating aimlessly around this void. The result?

Masser shuffles between 7 large, gas-like planets, pretty to look at, but not much going on with them. Secunda shuffles between 7 rocky or watery planets, some of them can be very interesting to look at. NONE of them should be remotely recognizable! (no saturn, no earth, etc)

Other updates?

I took the large blue ring planet out, because the way it's moonshadow worked created lots of glitches with the new system this mod is set up under. I would have been forced to disable secunda, and I want MORE moons in the sky, not less, so I voted to take it out, and replace it with shuffling planets instead!

I added a SweetFX lighting mod to this, which is designed to make the world look similar to normal, yet very vibrant and wowing, without overdoing it on the bloom or saturation!



Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a separate folder if you aren't sure how much of this mod you want to install, or if you are new to manually installing mods.


If you want to install the entire mod;

Merge the "Data" Folder with your "Data" folder. Make SURE you say "YES" if it asks you to overwrite anything!


If you do not want the moon shuffle;

Either pick two moons from the 14 you can download with this mod and rename them appropriately to replace masser and secunda respectively.

Or delete all "masser' and 'secunda' files and use the vanilla moons, or simply install a new moon replacer OVER this mod! Note- use of this mod with other moons might result in odd unforeseen visual glitches.

It is not my job to make your mod setup work together, if you want to use this with other moons besides the given ones go right ahead, but it's not my problem if your sky melts and dagoth-ur comes parachuting out of it and steals all your sweet rolls.


Uninstalling MAS;
Go to textures/sky folder and delete every file with 'masser' or 'secunda' in it's name,,,,, and!


My moons are solid black! - This is a vanilla moon problem, Skyrim displays the 'new moon' phase as a blank, solid black disc that can not be edited, and have yet to discover a way around this. This issue should only persist until the moon(s) ends it's phase at the end of the night. Do not contact me about this glitch.

Secunda is in front of Masser and it's semi-transparent! - I have no idea why this happens, but apparently they decided to make the moons auto-fade into one another if they overlap into the sky. I have not found a work around for this glitch. Do not contact me about this glitch.

Everything is to bright/dark! - First are you using an ENB? Use of this mod with an ENB is not supported, and it's likely causing the issue. If not, try moving the 'brightness' slider in your display settings. If the issue persists, post and make sure to let me know what other lighting mods you are using!

The moon is in front of my sun and the sun is shining through the moon! - I am pretty sure I fixed this glitch by making the moon avoid the sun, but if you still experience it, please let me know! Also, make not of what day/month/time it was!

Something not described here is horribly wrong with my sky! - Take a screenshot, make not of the time of day, day of the week, and month of the year it was, as well as any mods you have that could be causing it! MAS DOES NOT SUPPORT ENBS AS THEY WILL CAUSE SEVERE ISSUES WITH THE SKY MOST OF THE TIME.

HELP! My ENB does not work with, or is destroyed by this mod! - This mod MAY work with SOME ENBs if you know how to tweak them right, but your completely on your on, it is IMPOSSIBLE to tweak mods like this to work with EVERY ENB...



A lot of work from a lot of people went into this mod! All content in this mod is used by ArtMurder with direct permission from the makers,
or with indirect permission through their Asset Use Permissions on The Nexus Mods website.


Art Murder - Sticking this entire thing together with duct tape and bubble gum.

HXP - Galaxy and star Textures

Kriskos - Nebula

AnOldFriend - Sunglare

Uses SMAA. Copyright (C) 2011 by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria,

Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro and Diego Gutierrez.

Uses InjectSMAA by Andrej Dudenhefner ( mrhaandi )

Uses shaders from FXAATool by Violator, [some dude], fpedace, BeetleatWar1977 and [DKT70]

DPX shader by Loadus

Lift Gamma Gain shader by 3an and

SweetFX, LumaSharpen, Dither, Curves, Vibrance and Splitscreen by Christian Cann Schuldt Jensen ( ) + Various Plug-Ins, I.e Shape 3d.

Various texture libraries (licence free.)

Various DeviantART Planet resource textures. - Public free to use pictures of wonderful things in space.

The Hubble Telescope

Adobe Photoshop CS6(+CS2).


If I have missed you, or you wish for me to no longer use something of yours in this mod, despite the permission given, PLEASE CONTACT ME(ArtMurder) ON THE NEXUS FORUMS!