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This mod provides 1k, 2k, 4k-2k and 4k-4k textures for the frostbitespider. Now with a brighter version.

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As the title already let you know. 
This is a retexture for my lovley spiders.
I decided to make this little overhaul because the frostbitespider is one of the most unmodded creatures in Skyrim.
It's time to change this...

All textures were made in Photoshop and compressed as BC7 8bpp fine or BC7 linear fine.

Huge upcoming update:

I have great news for all the spider fans out there..
I'm currently developing a new mesh for the spiders in Skyrim.
A way more realistic one of course.
The base-mesh is already working in SSE.
But it will take some more time due to some bugs like no ingame textures (invisibility) and, for now, no animations.
I will fix these bugs as fast as i can so YOU can enjoy it as fast as you can.
Here is a screenshot of the new base-mesh.
​Hope you like it.


Simply install via NMM oder drop the data folder in your skyrim root folder.


This texture replaces the orange spider ( with the one you see in the pictures above.
The white/grey one ( is also replaced by an upscaled vanilla texture (4k)
If you want both, the dark and the bright version, simultaneously simply do the following:

1. Download the opposite version manually
2. extract the .zip file (to your desktop or anywhere else)
3. you should now have a folder called "data"
4. inside this "data" folder rename "" to ""
4. copy the new "" to: ... Skyrim Special Edition \ data \ textures \ actors \ frostbitespider \
5. That's it. You should now have both versions installed

Use NMM or delete the folder (\textures\actors\frostbitespider)

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