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Adds various Nords throughout The Elder Scrolls History (including past games) to Sovngarde and in the process fills what is supposed to be a Nordic paradise. Only adds NPCs mentioned and already dead or will be dead regardless of gameplay i.e. Roggvir, Lilija Snow-Shod etc

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This is a port of my original mod ( Cleaned with SSEDIT

I am aware there is another similar mod (technically mine's 'older'). This mod This mod adds already deceased Nord NPCs even before you start the game or will be dead regardless of player actions, Nord characters from past Elder Scrolls Games and new generic NPCs. This also changes existing NPCs from past elder scrolls games similar to their original appearance (Does not include Ysgramor, ONLY past elder scrolls NPCs have been changed)

If there are 'duplicate' NPCs added by other similar mods just disable them using console. This mod is more for the aesthetics side and has no scripts or quests etc.

My focus is and always will be, however, on my 'Arweden Custom Voiced High Elf Companion and Quest' Mod of which I am working on a V1.5 Redux Update which will be released for Special Edition and Legendary Edition of Skyrim.

This mod is simple. It adds more NPCs to Sovngarde. However, not just any old NPC... the NPCs added are characters of past Elder Scroll titles, chiefly... TESIII: Bloodmoon Expansion and from TES: Oblivion. That's right. For those familiar and have played through the Bloodmoon Expansion, ALL those slaughted by the Udyrfrykte at Thirsk reappear in Sovngarde as an example.

Ulfgar The Unending was a character from TES III: Bloodmoon Expansion. His visual appearance has been modified to reflect his Bloodmoon counterpart.

Below are the characters added and a brief summary. Obviously armor isn't going to be the same.. Different game.. But I try.. e.g. Agnar the Unwavering had a fur shield and steel axe on his body which he also in Sovngarde.

For those who have finished the game and unable to return to Sovngarde... Unless of course you have mods that allow you to return. 

CONSOLE COMMANDS: coc sovngarde01 to get there

CHARACTERS ADDED: Please look in Images Section for comparisons/in-game look.


Svenja Snow-Song was a Nord huntress who resided at Thirsk . She survived the Mead Hall Massacre by the newly unleashed Udyrfrykte, released from its lair after the 'fire in the lake'appears, and afterwards serves as a steward of sorts... For the Nerevarine. It was revealed in Oblivion she got married with Agnar the Unwavering and began suffering from nightmares, haunted by the massacre... And so they both set out to slay the matron beast.

Unfortunately, she was consumed whole and her gruesome remains can be recovered from the very belly of the beast that consumed her. Now, she and her husband find peace and victory in Sovngarde, reunited by her former comrades at Thirsk.


Agnar the Unwavering was a Nord, the next chieften after the Nerevarine who dissapeared, presumably a trip to Akavir. He married Svenja and later accompanied her to defeat the matron of the beast which massacred nearly all at Thirsk's mead hall. He was killed by the very beast that slew his beloved and later, his body found by the Champion of Cyrodiil. He is now reuinited with Svenja in Sovngarde.


Hrothmund the Red was the first chieften of Thirsk, known by his trusty axe. Consumed whole by Ondage the wolf which was killed later by the Nords of Thirsk. He now boasts of his deeds forevermore at Sovngarde.


Andrelheim and Ulfrun, members of Thirsk, killed by the Udyrfrykte. They do what they do best in Sovngarde... Drinking lots of mead.


Skjoldr Wolf Runner, chieften of Thirsk before the Nerevarine and later killed by the Udyrfrykte. He now drinks mead forevermore with his fellow comrades of Thirsk.


Adds past Thirsk chieftains to Sovngarde. As mentioned in the Revised History of Thirsk (,_A_Revised_History)


None. Currently working on a redux update of my 'Arweden - Custom Voiced Companion and Quest Mod' which will be released for Special Edition and Legendary Edition of Skyrim

Arweden LE Edition:


Extract esp file to Data, load Launcher to ensure it is loaded.


Delete the esp file from Data, load save and make a clean save. Use Save Cleaner to clean the save.


- Initial Release

Original mod by ME
Bethesda for Elder Scrolls
Teh-Husky, author of Morrowind Armors for Skyrim: