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This is a simple patch that adds effects from "Realistic Needs and Diseases" to consumables from "Tamrielic Culture". The foods will sate your hunger, and the drinks will quench your thirst (and get you rather intoxicated).

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Have you ever felt that the traditional recipes from other provinces aren't as filling as those in Skyrim? Have you ever debated why the renowned wines of Cyrodiil seem to be devoid of any alcohol? Well, traveler, a solution has now been devised! Now you can prepare for a journey by sampling some exquisite foreign recipes, or get absolutely wasted on the finest drinks in all the nine provinces!

This patch adds Realistic Needs and Diseases effects to Tamrielic Culture. Everything in the "Drinks & Food" list on the Tamrielic Culture page should now be usable with RND.

  • All foods replenish your hunger. Soups also quench a small amount of thirst.
  • All drinks quench a some amount of thirst and alcohols make you drunk.
  • Third-person drinking/eating animations play just like in the original mod (RND is smart).
  • Effects for the food items are, for the most part, based off of RND's and should fit in nicely.
  • Original effects from Tamrielic Culture are not changed.

  • Skyrim Special Edition
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (this is required for Realistic Needs and Diseases).
  • Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USSEP
  • Tamrielic Culture

Make sure to load my patch after all of its required mods.

Known Quirks:
  • Some of the alcohols in Tamrielic Culture increase certain stats in the same way as a potion. An example would be the drinks that increase stealth skills. These drinks are alcohols, and have been flagged as such for RND. This means that when you drink them, you'll become somewhat intoxicated and may stumble or fall over. This defeats the purpose of some of the drinks, because if you trip over whilst sneaking you're likely to be detected.
  • I'm a bit of a bonehead and have probably missed an item of food or something. This won't have any effect on your game, it just means that item won't have RND effects. If you tell me in the comment section I will make an effort to fix it at some point.
  • The bottles in Tamrielic Culture have different shapes than those in the vanilla game. If I added the "return empty bottle" effect, you would be getting a different bottle to what you drank out of. I found this really silly so I didn't add that effect. It will have a negligible impact on your playthrough, and I don't see a reason to change it.