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Last updated at 13:02, 13 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 22:29, 29 Oct 2016

Language localization support (w/ SKSE)!
No patches needed!
Trap multiple souls at once!
Configure it how you like!

(Please note: Internationalization will not work until Skyrim SE has a script extender such as SKSE, because it requires the extender to do the translating. In other words, until the point that SkyUI is available for SE, you'll have to deal with everything being in English, and using the console to change the options (, how to do so is detailed below), but as soon as SkyUi is available for SE and installed on your game, you'll have all the features you came to expect from this mod in the original Skyrim, without needing to update this mod at all.)

If you like this mod, please consider donating. Even $1 helps.

This mod is based on the now "obsolete" and unsupported mod ACQUISITIVE SOUL GEMS. In fact, it's almost the same mod. Just like with that one, this mod makes it so you never trap anything less than the maximum size soul a Soul Gem can handle.

"Almost the same mod? What's the difference?", you say?
First off, ASGM (this mod) definitely works in the Special Edition, which is why you're here.

ASG probably does as well, but since the author of ASG isn't supporting it any longer, you'll never see it in the SSE mod list. ASG also requires USLEEP, which may not work on SSE, and the SSE patch by the same author- USSEP- may not fill ASG's USLEEP requirement. Yes, it's possible to fix all those problems, but bluedanieru, the author, isn't going to do it, and this mod exists, so why would you bother?

ASGM now has localization, which means that the mod is in your language, not just English.
Supported languages are Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

If SKSE is installed, which is required by SkyUI, Internationalization will be enabled automagically when the ASGM MCM menu is opened, or
it can be turned on via console by entering "set ASGSilent to 2"

(Thanks go to dodo007777, Ulrik, archerarcher, Oktober, lolikyonyu, Keresh, adelinadragonborn, and Jokerine for their work on the translations.)

If SKSE is not installed, all messages will only be in English.
Here's a video showing the difference between how Soul Trapping looks in Vanilla, old versions of ASG, and, finally, ASGM and ASG 3.0:

Personally, I think the mod's staggering trap effect is much cooler than vanilla's all-at-once thing.

Finally, and most importantly, IMO, ASGM has options. With ASG, Black Soul Gems can only harvest Black Souls, and that's also true of the Black Star, and Azura's Star isn't restricted to only being "full" like the regular gems are- it can hold any size soul except Black. With this mod, that's all configurable.

Do you want to be able to trap not-Black souls in Black Soul Gems and the Black Star?
Do you want to not waste Azura's Star on a Petty Soul?
Do you want those messages about if a soul got captured or not to stop showing up?

Well, I have good news for you, all of those things are configurable in this mod! Even better, while I do provide an MCM menu for you to change the options, you poor laddies and gentlelasses that don't have SkyUI can still change the settings straight from the console! Yay!

"How?", you say? Simple:

There's three settings,
ASGOnlyBlack, which controls whether or not Black Soul Gems and the Black Star can hold only Black Souls,
ASGOnlyFull, which controls whether the Black Star and Azura's Star can hold Souls smaller than Grand (doesn't affect the Black Star if ASGOnlyBlack is 1), and,
ASGSilent, which controls whether to display the Soul Captured / Capture Failed messages.

For each, 1 is on, 0 is off. By default, the mod is set the same as ASG- ASGOnlyBlack is on, the other two are off. You can change them in console with:
set <globalvariable> to <value>

For example:
set ASGSilent to 1

Or, you know, you can use the MCM menu to do it. Much easier. Get SkyUI if you haven't already. You'll love it.

That's it! That's all the wondrous goodness of this mod!

Use it or don't as you wish.

If you like it, thank you. I don't personally care if this gets endorsed, but endorsing does make it more likely that other people who may like it will see it, so, do it for them. :)

This isn't the only ancient mod I've made an update for! Check out this bad boy over here!:
Rupture and Craft Soul Gems