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Adds a skill that gives Elemental Staves/Enchants more damage.

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You use staves?
You use Ordinator?
Feel kinda shit outta luck that staves dont have any fancy scaling or something without going into like 7 different skill trees?
Feel bad that Elemental Enchants dont scale like they use to either?

Well, I got bored and fed up with the above problems.
Asked around on discord, Before making this.
As your knowledge into the old arcane increases, Through your own trials and tribulations into the dabbling of staff making and enchanting, Or the knowledge you absorbed through the Dovah you slain, You learn to better attune your staves and enchants to your ways.

Why? Because i'm bad at script/coding/CK/SSE. 

You wanna help fix it? I give full permission to try and rework it. 

Note: Is not Compatible with Scroll Crafting and its Ordinator Patch. Because i'm Horrible at doing things. Or like, Any that changes the location of Ordinator's Enchantment perk locations

BTW: If you havent Figured it out by now.. For whatever Hecking reason, It Requires Ordinator. 

Wanna help make this mod better? Know coding? Want this to also effect other staves, Like the Staff of Magnus or staves like Jyrik Gauldersons staff added in (Insert the mod that added it here, I honestly have no clue)? Feel free to make changes yourself! Heck, If you can do that, I can give it a better name, Like Arcanic Device Mastery, Or something like that.