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This mod makes several changes to improve the look of some of the puddles in Skyrim. New ice puddle textures have been created specifically for Windhelm. Also includes other fixes related to other puddles, drips, and splashes ethroughout Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

This is a re-upload of my mod for my original Skyrim Improved Puddles. I have updated it specifically for Skyrim Special Edition users. See the older mod for more details. I have tested it in Skryim SE with the Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch (USSEP) installed and it works fine. This carriers over any fixes that the USSEP fixes in case you're concerned about that.

SKRYIM IMPROVED PUDDLES attempts to add realism by not only improving upon the quality of the puddle textures in Windhelm, but it also fixes a few problems I noticed with the puddles and water drip FX throughout Skyrim. New texture sets were created specifically for Windhelm, to make them look more like real ice/snow.

The .esp is required for this mod to work, so unless you like looking at the ugly Bethesda puddle decals in Windohelm you'll need to install the plugin.

It looks like Bethesda may have corrected some of the other areas in Skyrim that my mod originally tweaked, such as water drip FX and misplaced puddles beneath those drips, but not all of them. Once the new Skyrim SE Creation Kit is released, I will go through it and see what may have changed or not and will try to update this when I have time. For now, this mod should work fine as is.

1. Decide whether you want just my Windhelm ice puddles only (optional file) or the main version which includes my ice puddles and some other fixes and download that archive. 
2. From the archive, choose your preferred Texture resolution first (512, 1024, or 2048) - CHOOSE ONLY ONE!
3. Copy the \textures from that folder into your installed \Skyrim Special Edition\Data path.
4. Then copy the .esp from "10 Skyrim Special Edition Users" to your installed \Skyrim Special Edition\Data path.
5. Activate the chosen plugin within the game using the "MODS" menu option.

NMM INSTALLATION (FOMOD Installer) Recommended
IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the latest NMM which adds support for Skyrim SE

1. Launch the Installer package.
2. Select the option for your preferred Texture resolution in the "Windhelm Ice Puddle Textures" group (2048 is the default).
3. There is only one plugin option with the Skryim SE version (selected by default)
4. Click Next.

There should be no conflicts unless another mod happens to use the Bethesda puddle decals that my mod hides/replaces with brand new textures (applies to main file and optional Windhelm only). Also if using the main file and if another mod happens to change some of the other puddle or water drip FX that this mod tweaks throughout Skyrim, then there could be some visual conflicts, but should be minor and not cause any problems like crashing (applies to main file only.

The .esp files were checked with the latest SSEEdit and latest Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch!

Since the plugin carries forward appropriate changes from the various DLCs and Unofficial patch, the load order shouldn't matter too much, but it's suggested to load after the USSEP.

Version 1.2
- Modified original version for Skyrim Special Edition users
- Added a Windhelm ice puddles only version