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A simple mod that makes the Pickaxe, Woodcutter's Axe, Notched Pickaxe & Ancient Nordic Pickaxe weightless. (So far)

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It kinda annoyed me that despite all the weightless mods on SSE, none of them altered the weight for tools you needed to cut wood or mine ore/Stalhrim, and the ones that did cut the weight by half & such. A weightless tools mod like this already exists on Oldrim, but no signs of ports on SSE, so I made this, which was actually really simple as it only edits 3 values for items using SSEEdit (More so because it should carry forth USSEP fixes, but I'm not entirely sure.) This is also my first mod btw, so I'm sorry if I made any mistakes or if there are any problems.

  • Changed the weight of the Poacher's Axe & Hoarfrost to 0.

  • Will only conflict with mods that change the values of the tools, this also includes damage & value.

  • Should be easy as it's only a single .esp file, just put the single file in the data folder and then activate it through Nexus Mod Manager or whatever mod manager that you use.
  • After you have installed the mod (a manual install), extract the file using Winrar or whatever program that you use & put the file in the Data folder. (Seems to be an issue with the file working when it is still compressed with .zip or .rar.)

Load Order:
  • Anywhere should be fine, but I don't know since I haven't tested it much (I have 189 other mods activated at the time of posting this, and it works just fine for me.)