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Grants a Reddit Snoo companion to accompany you on your adventures

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I hid this mod after I got informed (by unreliable folks in hindsight) that this was a mod somewhere. They did not elaborate despite repeated requests, but in any case, I made this mod,  so I guess I just ask the good folks at Nexus to just let me know if  there is some weird issue with this, and I will remove it!

This little guy is a non-combat companion, similar to what you see in a lot of MMOs. With the exception of a couple little gags you can ask of him, he just keeps you company for as long as you want. He doesn't fight, doesn't get hurt, doesn't bother you, and doesn't effect your stealth meter. Dismiss / re-recruit anytime

How to get him: Either instantly have him follow you upon install, or choose to instead get him at the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood ( See Optional Files )

Compatible with basically anything since he is setup with his own AI and no records or assets are overwritten. If using certain follower frameworks just avoid using "force-recruit" or other alias-binding routines on him and all will be well. Similar to how you would avoid force recruiting say... Inigo for example. Inigo would break

The snoo mesh is one I got off a free resource site some time ago. I've never seen a mod for this little guy before and for that reason I understand it is okay to use it. If I am mistaken, please let me know. I made the normal map for it since it did not have one originally, as well as cleaned up and optimized the nif

Recommended even if not using this mod: Better MessageBox Controls makes menus much smoother to use