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This is a HDT Bodyslide Conversion of zzjay's Nilfgaard Armor ported to SE by bchick3

Permissions and credits
*Please before you do anything jump over to zzjay's profile page and give him a kudos for the work on this armor!

This is a HDT CBBE conversion of zzjay's Nilfgaard Armor. This mod only contains the bodyslide files. In order to get it ingame you will need bchick3's port of the original mod. This is all listed in the requirment. The physics work with either CBP-Physics or HDT-SMP SE. DONT USE BOTH!

I have been working on this for a few days now and been testing it alot ingame. Everything should work and look good, but there could still be minor issues. Also it can vary from game to game. I havent yet tested it with CBP, but all of the bone weights are copied correctly so it should work. Since i'm HDT-SMP at the moment, it can look ok in my game but maybe not in yours.

Please send me a PM or comment here on the page if there are any issues. Upload some pictures if you can! :D

NMM/MO Installation

1. Download and install CBBE
2. Download and install Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
3. Download and Install either CBP or HDT-SMP 
and all of its requirments
4. Download and install the original mod
5. Download and activate this mod (yes to all overwrite)
6. Build the bodyshape of you liking
(Dont build to big breast/butt, that will cause the model to break. This was not meant to be built with a double D-Cup)
7. Go location of the strongbox and obtain your armor :D 
(Check photo)

If you persist on installing manually its on your own risk.

Q: Ehrm... Where do i find the armor?


Q: I cant f**** find that stupid strongbox!
A: You probably didnt overwrite the original mod. Make sure you say yes to all when installing.

Q: OMFG! What a shitty mod. My character is clipping through everywhere!!
A: Please take a picture and send me a PM or leave it in the bug section. And i will take a look at it ;)

Q: Will you make a "x" conversion of this armor?
A: NO! I dont make anything else then CBBE Conversion. And this armor wouldnt work with astronomically tits anyway.

Ashara (sydneyB) for the trousers.
CDprojektRed for witcher 2 armors.
WesleyWalesAnderson for cynthia port.
GraceDarkling for leather pattern.
Azraille for comfy knight fur
LordOfWar and alphawolf for gloves

These credits are copied from the original page

Ousnius - For the Bodyslide/outfit Studio
Caliente/Jeir/Ousnius - For CBBE body enhancer
bchick3 - for porting the original mod to SE
hydrogensaysHDT/polygonhell - For making HDT-SMP/CBP
Bethesda - for the game and creation kit

Huge thanks to zzjay for letting me convert this mod. There may be issues with clipping as this is the initial release.
Please leave me a comment if you find any issues, but dont build Lolo Ferrari and then complain about clipping ;)

Please check out my other mods! :D

Natural and Realistic Bodies (NSFW)