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Newermind43's ESO Altmer Armour converted to SSE CBBE BodySlide.

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With thanks to NewerMind43 for giving permission, I bring to you another conversion for SSE CBBE BodySlide, the ESO Altmer Armour.
- All pieces have BodySlide sliders.
- All included meshes updated to SSE format.
- Included plugin is updated to form 44, fixes partitions so you wont get mesh gaps, removes worldspace edits, and makes the armour craftable and temperable.
- Many zaps. You can remove the tights, sleeves, armour, scarf, hood, capes and part of the skirt.

Manual: Download and install ESO Altmer Armour. Download this mod and open it with 7zip. Drag+Drop/extract the folders to Skyrim Special Edition/Data. Allow overwrites.
Wrye Bash/NMM/Vortex:  Download and install ESO Altmer Armour. Download and install this mod, allowing overwrites.
- Activate 'ESO Altmer Armor by NewrMind43.esp'. Use BodySlide to generate the outfits with your own preset if required.

Manual: Delete 'ESO Altmer Armor by NewrMind43.esp', /meshes/Newermind43/ESOAltmerarmor, /textures/Newermind43/ESOAltmerArmor, and anything with 'The Lily' in it's name from /CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderSets and /SliderGroups.
Wrye/NMM/Vortex: Uninstall as you would any other mod.

Q1: Where are these armours located?
A: You can craft them at the forge (Requires Elven Perk), or use the console to spawn them in ('help altmer').

Q2: Will you port this to Skyrim/Oldrim?
A: No. For all intents and purposes, I have completely moved on to SSE. I will not be making any new mods for Skyrim.

Q3: UNP/UUNP/etc?
A: No. Please use the original mod if you don't want to use CBBE.

Q4: Physics/CBP/Jellyboobs?
A: No.

Newermind43 - For the original ESO Altmer Armour mod.
Ousnius - CBBE and BodySlide, and a huge amount of help/advice.
Caliente - CBBE and BodySlide.