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Choose between Direwolf followers based on HBO series Game of Thrones. You can also use each Direwolf Follower as a mount!

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:Welcome to the Direwolf Followers mod for Skyrim: Special Edition:

Each unique Direwolf was created using the wolf skin from Bethesda as a base texture. If you've watched the show before then you may have noticed that the dog actors who played the Direwolves tend to get swapped as the show goes on. This made it harder to establish specific coats for Greywind, Lady, and Nymeria in comparison to the other three more iconic wolf coats. The look for Lady is after Sophie Turner's adopted dog IRL, Nymeria's fur is from the scene in Season 7 where her and Arya have their reunion, and Greywind was mostly based on simple description. Fans of the books will recognize Shaggydog's bright green eyes as G.R.R.Martin's original depiction from the books. Finally, each Direwolf also has unique Dialogue options modeled after their master's personality in the story.

The Direwolf followers can be found together inside Direwolf Den, which is a cave near Markarth - see attached images for an in-game map reference. Nymeria is found outside and in front of the cave near the road. Each direwolf scales in level equally with the player and cannot be killed.

:Follower/Mount Hybrid:

All Direwolf Followers have a unique dialogue option that will temporarily transform the direwolf into a mount. This will last until you get on and dismount, transforming all direwolves back to followers.There are some animation problems when using Direwolf mounts in the water, this is expected. Each Direwolf has Waterwalking to help avoid breaking animations while running through water. If you're intending to use the direwolves as a mount then it's important to practice going down hills as they can easily lift off due to the running speed, possibly killing you with fall damage.


The mod now uses a custom framework for follower/mount mechanics so it's compatible with almost every mod available.
Mods that change the same area that the den is located are incompatible by default.

Good luck!


Updating to the latest version:

1. Make sure the Direwolf inventories are empty

2. Save your game and disable the mod from the main menu

3. Save your game again with the mod disabled, now you can install the latest version


version - 3.0
installation options removed - Nexus only
all direwolves are now follower/mount hybrids
direwolves now use their own follower framework
new dialogue option to recruit direwolves
fixed purple fur bug for Ghost

version - 2.3.1
Nymeria is now a follower and a mount (updated mod description)
terrain tweaks

version - 2.2.1
Nymeria now uses Waterwalking (swimming animations don't sync and will break)
direwolves now use default scripts for follower and animal follower Dialogue interaction outcomes, reducing custom script usage to 1
more terrain improvements
remnants of version 1.1 removed

version - 2.1
fixes problems with Direwolves not appearing
terrain adjustments
.esp file cleaned in TES5Edit (old worldspace edits removed)
direwolf relationship changes

version - 2.0
Nymeria is now a mount but is no longer a follower
new follower scripts
direwolves no longer become unresponsive and will work as expected
Papyrus fragment sharing through TESVEdit (footprint optimization)
navmesh bug fixing when followers exit the den
moved Direwolf Den entrance to a new area in Tamriel worldspace
texture rework for lighting compatibility in Skyrim
added new harvest nodes and a chest to Direwolf Den
all wolves now scale in level equally with the player's level at a 1:1 ratio
new console command "coc direwolfdenentrance" and removed old coc commands
removed installation options - Lady is now adult sized (console can still lower her scale)