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A reimagining of what Nocturnals gifts *should* be.

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Since I was never pleased with the leveled aspect of the Nightingale gear, and was not thrilled with all of the enchantments, I present Nocturnals Gear.

In the bedroom of the Nightingale Hall is a barrel. Inside the barrel are the following pieces, Nocturnals Embrace, Nocturnals Grip, Nocturnals Step, and Nocturnals Vision. As well as the weapons Ravens Talon (sword) and Ravens Bite (bow) All of the pieces use the glass armor as a base, and I changed the enchantments around to better suit what I think a Nightingale (as a devout servant of Nocturnal) would use WAY more.

The pieces are not craftable, however, you do NOT need the "Arcane Blacksmith" perk to upgrade them. Nocturnal has given you the ability to improve her gifts as you improve your skills.

The pieces all use the Nightingale parts (so anything that modifies the base Nightingale armor appearance will modify these) and as such give the Nightingale armor bonus. The hood CAN be worn with circlets (but I noticed there is not an armor improvement with the "helmet" type circlet mods).

Hope you enjoy. Holler at me if any icky bugs pop up.

NOTE: The "replacer" version also has the ability to temper (upgrade) the armor WITHOUT the Arcane Blacksmith perk as well.