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Adds The Staff of Sheogorath, the personal artifact of the Daedric Prince of Madness. The staff has the power to stop enemies in their tracks.

Also includes a short quest (by modding standards, not by CC standards) to obtain the staff.

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This mod adds The Staff of Sheogorath, the personal artifact of the Daedric Prince of Madness himself, Sheogorath.
Also Included is a short quest to visit the Shivering Isles and return a precious item to its rightful owner.

The Staff:
The Staff Of Sheogorath has a Unique appearance and enchantment. The staff also has a unique way of obtaining it.
You can gain access to the staff by completing the quest "The Fork".

Obtaining The Staff:
as Shogorath would not be able to be parted from his staff, the symbol of his power in the Shivering Isles, for long periods of time without becoming severely weakened, it would be foolish to assume that a mortal could own the staff for themselves. Fortunately, Uncle Sheo is generous. His favorite mortals may borrow his staff for the low price of one Two-Headed Septim!
After completing the quest "The Fork" you will receive a pouch of Two-Headed Septims. Using one of these coins will allow you to summon The Staff of Sheogorath for 5 minutes. You will also occasionally receive additional coins from using the Wabbajack. Because who doesn't want to use coins made from the transmogrified remains of their enemies to borrow a stick from a deranged Daedric Prince?

Affected enemies are held in place for 15 seconds. You may not use this effect again while it is still active.

How to Use:
1. Point
2. Shoot
3. Laugh Hysterically

The Quest:

The quest will not start until you have completed Sheogorath's Daedric quest "The Mind of Madness"

How to Start: 
After a long day slaying dragons, riding narwhales, or shooting guards in their knees an adventurer needs a drink. There's no finer place in Solitude than The Winking Skeever! There's also no other place in Solitude than The Winking Skeever! They've got everything: beds, drinks, a bard, a horker head on the wall... Hmm whats that in the horker's mouth?

Also be sure to check out: Stendarr's HammerChrysamere, and Ruin's Edge!
Modder's Note: This mod is 100% unrelated to the Creation Club paid Mod "Staff of Sheogorath". This mod is also freehas a real quest, and has a proper enchantment. Enjoy. :)