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This mod contains new meshes and textures for all the mountain flowers in 4K, 2K, 1K & 512 sizes.

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This mod contains new meshes and textures for all the mountain flowers in 4K, 2K, 1K & 512 sizes and there are also new meshes for their ingrediants. There are two versions available one with 3d flowers and the other without.

Thanks for the video Hodilton

The original 01 mountain flower meshes have been swapped out for a scaled down 01 nightshade mesh and the 02 a combination of two scaled down 02 nightshade meshes and two byohhouseingrdnightshade01_1 meshes. I went this way mainly because the original ingrediant mesh is only really suitable for the vanilla texture and looked daft no matter how I tried to fit the teture to it so I switched it out for a nightshade ingrediant mesh. The knock on effect caused me to switch to the mesh configurations stated so that the ingrediant mesh matched. Doing this also allowed me to add 3d flowers to the mountain flower. There are also versions available without the 3d flowers for those that would prefer that.

The textures are a combination of Renthal311's leaves and stalks and my flowers and I have provided them in various sizes to suit the users needs. I have also created billboards and their relevant text files for lod generation. From what I can see Dyndolod doesn't make lod for the yellow mountain flowers so I haven't included a billboard for them.

Disclaimer - I am no texture artist and am learning this stuff as I go along (there's a lot to learn) so bare that in mind if you notice the compression artifacts on some of the textures. They are compressed using DXT 5 compression and I think this is responsible for the artifacts. Apparently for SSE it is recommended to save in the new BC7 format but I have no idea how to do this as infomation is very scarce/scattershot, so if somebody knows please tell me.

From running around in game and testing I would recommend the 2K version over the 4K. You probably won't notice any difference in general gameplay and it will help save on memory. Even with the 1K installed you probably won't notice the difference untill up close with a fov of 30! My EEKs Renthal Flora Collection mod contains the 3d 2k version of the mountain flowers.

I made the esp so I didn't have to go run around Skyrim during testing, all it does is place all the flowers around the Gildergreen in Whiterun. Whilst it was designed purely for testing it could be used during your game if you so wish but the main reason I've uploaded it is for those that want to test which version they would prefer. It also makes some changes to the braziers in the area, changing some of the emmitances on lightbulbs and removing smoke.