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Mese Standalone Female Follower and Trainer

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     Little is known about her. People from Riften are telling same story about beautiful mysterious creature roaming around forest area. Nobody truly know what she really is... 
     She lives secluded life avoiding any contact with humans, occasionally helping people being attacked by bandits on the road. Mese found shelter in long abandoned Lost Prospect Mine, where you can find her and ask to join you.

- She will fight as true archer, moving around very fast trying to avoid any melee fight.
- Even if you give her melee weapon she won't use it.
- She is master of restoration and archery.
- She can train you in archery up to level 100.
- She will not affect your stealth meter nor trigger pressure plates.
- She will also level up with you.
- She is essential and available for marriage.

- She will wear any type of armor.
- By default she is wearing fur armor (in screenshots I used this mod UNP Spice Gear)
  and boots with hooves, hooves clip true the ground if that bothers you give her any other type of shoes and she will wear them.
- In her inventory you can find Mese's bow created by InsanitySorrow 
  bow is upgradable and enchanted to deal extra poison damage over time.

Download and install this mod with NMM, or manually download and extract into your data folder.

I would like to thank these people for letting me use their assets:

                          body meshes: UNP Female Body Renewal by reize0 
body, face texture and hooves: nuska, UNP textures HoneyVanity and Eiries
                                      eyes: Lind's Elven Eyes by Lind001 
                                    brows: Kyoe's Bang'n Brows by Kyoe 
                                      ears: resource Ear models for modders by nouserhere
                                  antlers: Bosmeri Antlers - ESO by DRELDYN 
                                       hair: Lovely Hairstyles by zn00p  
                                 weapon: bow from Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow 
Her face is created with new changed function of some sliders for vanilla racemenu provided by this mod.
R246 Female Presets by R246 

Very special thanks goes to maydragon75 for testing and overall help.

Big THANKS to Bethesda for creating this amazing game.

Feel free to add screenshots with Mese by clicking on add button.
Thank you for stopping by, and as always HAVE FUN!

I created few more followers, check out files section on my profile page.