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The default enchantments on the spectral weapons from Labyrinthian (Drainspell Bow, Drainheart Sword and Drainblood Battleaxe) have been removed, so they may be enchanted by the player.

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You're wandering around Skyrim and find a fantastic looking weapon, item of clothing or armour but oh no! It's enchanted, and that enchantment is rubbish! Wouldn't it be great if you could remove the enchantment without destroying the item? Well yes, but that isn't possible in-game...but with this mod the base enchantments from the three ghostly weapons from Labyrinthian (Drainspell Bow, Drainheart Sword & Drainblood Battleaxe) have been removed. Thus, you may enchant them with whatever you wish.

  • Use NMM, or alternatively download the attached archive and unpack the contents inside the Archive/Data folder ("GhostWeaponsNoEnchants.esp") to your Skyrim SE/Data directory.
  • Enter the mod menu in-game and ensure "Ghost Weapons - No Enchants" is ticked.

  • Delete "GhostWeaponsNoEnchants.esp" from your Skyrim SE/Data directory.

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