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A change to the weather and lighting featuring a much darker color palette. And different skies for each region.

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Autumn Skies
This mod was designed with gamma set at .9 (fGamma=0.9) please change it in your SkyrimPrefs.ini , or you can leave it set at 1 if you like it brighter. Personally I like the darker look.

2.1c notes: The last update exteriors were a little too desaturated and the interiors were the opposite, it is balanced now so that when you go from outside to inside it won't be a drastic change. And a few color corrections.

Adds 4 different types of rain, drizzle, light, medium and downpour. Also adds 4 types of snow, flurries, light, snow storm and blizzard.
 Clear days have the highest priority in most regions, but that doesn't mean it won't turn nasty.
Added a spell for a few slightly different presets, (see images) redid most days with some improvements. Sunny and cloudy days are very clear with little to no fog. Also added thunder sounds that didn't seem to make it into the last update. Overcast rain and storm days are very dark for a truly unpleasant experience, so as always please enjoy and if there are any problems leave a comment.This mod is on the dark side, so it's not for everybody but maybe give it a try and you might like it.
A overhaul of the weathers found in game giving it more of a fall season feel to it.
All interiors have new lighting. Fog pushed back for a sharper and darker image.
Days and nights are much darker than average.
Added  more sunny days to all regions as well as rain and thunder sounds.

 Should not conflict with any other mods besides other mods that modify weather.

 This is added to the Autumn Skies.ini file for a stronger DOF effect, in game settings turn DoF to full  or to your liking. If using an ENB remember to lower settings to zero.

Autumn Skies interior



Check out  ENB by L3st4t for Autumn Skies Sin Xtreme Realism ENB