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This mod allows you to return to Skuldafn on the back of any tamed dragon, Odahviing or Durnehviir once you've finished the main questline. Also allows you to get the unique dragon priest staff or return to Sovngarde.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to return to Skuldafn on the back of any Dragon affected by Bend Will, Odahviing or Durnehviir, once you have completed the main questline. You can fight all the Draugr again, make your way through the dungeon and go back up to the portal to Sovngarde, if you like. You can decide to take the unique dragon priest staff, or to leave the portal open and go back to Sovngarde (keep in mind that you're not supposed to be there as a mortal, so you can't enter the Hall of Valor) where Tsun can send you back to the Throat of the World.

There is a slight hickup when you have Dwemer Network and have to close and reopen the portal in order to go to Sovngarde, because it disables the normal portal. Mods that edit the dialogue of Durnehviir when you summon him, the dialogue of a dragon when Bend Will is used, or the AI of Odahviing will not be completely compatible with this, but dragon model replacers etc should be fine.

This mod requires the Unoffial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.

Install with a mod manager, or unzip and put the contents in your Data folder and activate the esp.

Fine if you're starting a new save, but not recommended on a save that has used it. I don't think it should cause problems, but as with any mod that uses scripts, make some backups.

Known bugs:
When mounting a dragon in Skuldafn, there can be a misalignment in the animation or the dragon can fly up a bit and land again. Because the dragon flying is handled by the core game, I can't do much about it, but I have at least tried to make sure that you won't be transported without flying a dragon.

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