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Four eras have passed by without you, why should everything change when YOU get stronger?
Any variety of enemy and creature can appear level 1, as can weapons, armour and other goodies gained from loot, merchants and enemies.
Optional file maxes out leveled NPCs too, including followers.

Permissions and credits
Looking for a potentially impossible and game-breaking challenge?

The best weapons and armour... the highest leveled quest rewards... you could have them all at level 1...
If you can defeat the toughest enemies and creatures!
Activated the optional file?
That includes all NPCs previously level-scaled with the player, friend or foe!

The method applied for the main file was to change the "Level" under all leveled list entries to 1 using SSEEdit 3.2. Encounter zones and game settings are not touched. This also means only vanilla Skyrim SE (i.e. including the DLC ESMs) leveled lists are affected; mods that add their own will operate as the mod creator intended.

NPCs previously level-scaled with the player are not in the leveled lists, so the optional file must be used.
The method applied for the optional file was to change the "Calc Min Level" in the Non-Player Character (Actor) entries to match the "Calc Max Level" entries using SSEEdit 3.2. Where "Calc Max Level" or both entries were set to 0, I increased the level based on similar classes of NPC.

Still not sure how to remove level requirements on quests, so this may be as far as unleveling the game goes with me.

In an existing game/save file, areas may need time to reset and adjust to the new leveled list entries. Try sleeping for 10 days in an interior cell.
Please let me know if there's any issues, and be VERY specific, including the location and type of enemy/container/vendor that you encountered it.

Requirements and Compatibility:
Only requirement is the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
Conflicts can arise between this mod and others, where they and the main file both make changes to the same vanilla records on the leveled lists and/or they and the optional file both make changes to the same vanilla NPC records.
If you're worried, you can:
  1. Try the game, see what happens
  2. Ask me if I know, can find out and/or I am are willing to make a patch
  3. Ask the mod author(s) of the other mods if they know, can find out and/or they are willing to make a patch

Known Issues:
Some NPCs may be still be of a lower level than they should be because different versions are used within the game. For example, the General Tullius seen at Helgen and in Castle Dour is level 10, not the level 50 one you'd see in the quest Battle for Windhelm. Same goes for Kodlak Whitemane: he will be level 10 in Jorrvaskr, but level 50 in Sovngarde.