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About this mod

This mod allows you to change a damage for weapons and spells on the criteria by type, material and magicka. Powered by SkyUI.

Permissions and credits

The mod allows you to change a damage of weapons and spells by the criteria.


  • Powered by SkyUI (for MCM only)
  • Individual settings both for NPC and PC
  • Multipliers for weapons, materials and magicka, including runes
  • FISSES support


DLC support (choose your version):

  • No DLC - play without DLCs
  • Dawnguard - play with Dawnguard DLC only
  • Dragonborn - play with Dragonborn DLC only
  • Full - play with Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs (main version)


Just overwrite files and play.

Switching between versions

If you switching between version without DLC support to with DLC support and vice versa, you may use "Reload Settings" button at the "Options" page of the mod.

Starting from version 1.06, the mod is supporting FISSES. It is much better than the solution has been described above ^_^

FISSES support information

At the moment the mod is using the hardcoded file to keep your settings:

  • Data\SKSE\Plugins\FISS\WeaponDamageUI.xml

You have to watch over it yourself when you are switching between the versions of this mod. Because the file mentioned above is shipping in the archive of the mod and it contains settings by default.

Make backups and often :-)

Notes about Unarmed Combat

This version is supporting changing an unarmed damage, see settings for it at "By Type" page.

The current implementation is a bit weird. Changes for PC are applied almost simultaneously. On other hand, the next steps will be completed to change a value of unarmed damage for a NPC:

  1. You will get first hit with a full force. Right after that the spell will be casted (fired) on the NPC with a duration equals to 60 seconds.
  2. At the moment when this spell is started working on the NPC it will change the NPC's unarmed damage actor value as you defined.
  3. After passing 60 seconds the unarmed damage value of the NPC will be restored to the original value.
  4. If it will be a necessary the effect will be reapplied on the NPC after that period and later your character get a new hit.

Why is so complicated you may ask me?

Well, because tests showed that it is not a simple task as you look at it at the first glance. The unarmed damage is represented by both form types in the game: it is a weapon and an actor value, like health, magicka, stamina, speedmult, etc.

Also, the condition functions to checking a wielding weapon in hands are buggy. This was one of the reasons why I did not implemented this feature via Perk + Entry Point (actually it was my first attempt).

Maybe I will change this behavior later but no guarantees.

Questions and issues

Q. Arrows? Bolts?
A. Ok, there are no arrows & bolts. I tried, no success. If somebody know how to do that, let me know, thanks.

Q. Bows and materials... Are there no bows made from a wood?
A. Actually, many bows have the keyword "steel", meanwhile a human may think that it was made from a wood. I was surprised when found this too.

Q. How about poison?
A. I wanted to implement this feature too, but the game does not contain such keywords variables. It is possible, but too much work.

Q. How about creatures?
A. As I see it is possible to be done. May be in the next version this feature will be implemented.

Any suggestions accepted.


The mod must be compatible with any other mods.

New or modded weapons, magic effects and so on only required to have correct keywords from vanilla game. For instance, each weapon in the game has own keywords like "WeapMaterialSteel" (weapon was made from a steel) or "WeapTypeWarAxe" (this is a waraxe).

If your mod has include weapons or magic effects without keywords from vanilla game or it uses different keywords then this mod will NOT working properly with these weapons and/or spells. You have to ask authors of weapon's mods to fix this issue. Do not ask me about that, I can not help you!


For NMM, Wrye Bash/Smash users:

  • Download, install and activate the mod as any other.
  • Follow instructions below from p.3

For all:

  1. Unpack the contents of the archive to your "Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder.
  2. Check WeaponDamageUI.esp file in your mod manager.
  3. Run Skyrim Special Edition via SKSE
  4. Enter to "MOD CONFIGURATION" menu and exit: Esc -> MOD CONFIGURATION -> TAB -> TAB
  5. Wait about 5-10 seconds until you'll receive the message "Weapon Damage UI disabled"
  6. Enter to "MOD CONFIGURATION" again and customize it on your taste


  1. In Mod Settings disable the mod.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Deactivate the mod in the Mod Manager.
  4. Delete files from the "Skyrim Special Edition/Data" folder if you are not using any Mod Manager.