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From the maker of Wasteland Defense! Construct your outpost anywhere throughout the lands of Skyrim. Build a peaceful settlement or a deadly fort. Can your outpost withstand the weather, the enemy raiders, and the dragons?

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This is the Skyrim Special Edition version of the mod. For the classic Skyrim version, head over here.



If you experience any issues that you have narrowed down to this mod (the crash occurs with every other mod turned off), please give me feedback on what happened at the time of the crash.

Skyrim is a dangerous place these days. With the harsh weather, the civil war, and the coming of the dragons, the Dragonborn needs to have a place to call home and strategize. Construct your own outpost, build up its defenses, and prove your worth to the rest of the world by defending it from raiders and dragons.

Tundra Defense no longer requires SKSE. You should be able to easily install it via the mod manager. I am looking into getting the mod published on for PC / Consoles.
To manually install, extract the zip file into your data folder (the path should be similar to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data)
It is suggested you use the Nexus Mod Manager to manage your mods. Enable the mod and load up your game. Within a few seconds a quest update should pop up and give you directions.

-Outpost Construction System: Acquire plans and use them to place objects within your fort. Objects can be placed in any manner you desire.
-Guard System: Recruit guards to patrol your fort, defending it from enemy invaders. Need to defend a secure location? Hire a stationary guard who will hold his ground until his dying breath. Want to protect a larger area? Purchase a few patrol guards and mark their route.
-Plan Market System: Allow a outpost merchant to set up shop and offer various plans for necessities/defenses. The market's stock changes day by day, and special plans may become available.
-Raid System: A remote activated system that can trigger a raid across three difficulties. Supplies are scavenged after fending off a raid, which can be used for future upgrades and defenses.
-Random Raid System: Raider attacks will be randomized, coming when you least expect it (toggle-able in user options)
-Scavenger System: Recruit scavengers to pick across the remnants of your enemies and salvage their equipment.
-Citizens: Let people move in to your outpost and receive a daily tax income from them.


There is a tutorial in game that covers this information, but I have included it here for quick reference:
- To start building an object, select a 'Plan' object from your inventory under the FOOD category.
- Position your object by looking around.
- Rotation and distance of placement can be controlled via two spells you receive immediately (they can be found under ALTERATION). '[Construction] Plus' and '[Construction] Minus'.
- Finalize your placement and use the 'Confirm Construction' shout to construct your object.
- To cancel object placement, crouch before using 'Confirm Construction'.
- To change settings such as Rotation Speed, Distance Speed, and Random Raids, use the 'Outpost: Menu' object found in your inventory under the FOOD category. This unlocks after your construct the Market.
- To break down an object you have constructed or to move required objects, crouch and activate the object.


Q. The objects are moving slow/chunky. Why?
A. Due to script engine limitations, I can only update object positions as fast as I am allowed to. Tundra Defense accesses the script engine frequently and utilizes a lot of resources. You may be able to speed it up if you disable other larger mods that are competing for resources.

Q. My stationary guards are falling through objects! What can I do?
A. Stationary guards should reset every 30 seconds when not in combat. You can manually verify that they reset by speaking to the guard.

Q. My NPCs are getting stuck on meshes. Why?
A. At the current time, it is impossible to dynamically generate a navmesh. So any player spawned content isn't actually seen by the AI in the game. Consider making clear paths between patrol points.

Q. I can't place the water well, but I know the mod works for me (e.g. my other characters can all use it). What's wrong?
A. Reload a previous save or disable Tundra Defense, load the character in question and re-save. Then quit Skyrim and enable Tundra Defense and load up the previous save. You should be receive a new message and be able to place the water well.

Q. When I open the player menu, it tells me there is a raid in progress, but I can't find any enemies. Can I fix this?
A. Go into the Outpost Office and activate the table. There is an option there to end the current raid.

Q. How to I reset my outpost?
A. Go indoors somewhere (not in a building added by Tundra Defense), and save. Then close your game. Disable the mod, then reload your save. Wait inside for 4 days. Then save, close your game, and re-enable the mod. You should then have a clean slate to start again.