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A mod to treat corpses in multiple ways.

All credits to CrEaToXx (original author) and nieda113 (conversion instructions).
Please check the original mod for endorsements.
I'm posting this only because the author graciously allows free use of the resources.

Permissions and credits
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This is a conversion of the original mod for Oldrim, by CrEaToXx. I just followed the conversion procedure outlined by nieda113 and uploaded the result here. Since the author kindly allows free use of the original mod, I'm uploading it here - but will gladly take it down if requested by any of the people above.
Please redirect all endorsements to the original mod.

Bellow is the original description:

1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
2. Skyrim Script Extender 64
3. SkyUI based MCM Menu

How to install
Installation with NMM:

1. Press "Download with Manager" button on Nexus
Press "Manual Download", open up NMM and click the mods tab to import the CUYCMod.7z
3. After installation enable the plugin files in your prefered reorder tool or in data files when starting up Skyrim
4. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'CUYC_CleanUpYourCorpses.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use LOOT to automatically get the correct load order.
5. Play the Game!!!

Manual Installation:

1. Unzip the files anywhere
2. Move the .esp and .bsa file 'CUYC_CleanUpYourCorpses' to your 'x:...SkyrimData' folder.
3. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the
'CUYC_CleanUpYourCorpses.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make
sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use LOOT to automatically get the correct load order.
4. Run Skyrim!!!

Detailed Instructions
Processing Corpses:

Search Body: is just like it was in vanilla, you can open the inventory with any tool equipped without problems... but beware, with the vampire resurrect option enabled, vampires will resurrect if you don't open their inventory in sneak stance!

Remove Body: removes the body by disintegrating it. You will need leach to do this. This does not destroy spawn points coming with leveled and not unique actors, like bandits or forsworn. Place the leach inside the body and then activate it. Leach can be crafted at cooking pots with the correct ingredients.

Take Body: puts a 'Corpse Dummy' in your inventory representing the corpse/carcass weight and name. Once you've dropped the corpse/carcass from your inventory, the dummy gets removed, and the corpse/carcass gets placed at your feet. To take a body you need to hit it with the Grappling Hook tool. Grappling Hooks can be crafted at a forge. You can then bring the corpse to any place you want to bury, burn, melt or process it any way that you decide is appropriate. From version 0.9.9, you can also give the corpse a honourable death at burial pyres sitting in every major town and village (toggleable inside MCM menu). There's also an MCM option to turn off the possibility to cheat by putting stuff into the inventory of corpses/carcasses and then carry them around. All items get removed from their body before you grab them with the hook.

Burn Body: has three flavours (only one on carcass). 'Barbecue' with torches, which leaves a grilled body. 'Ashes to Ashes' with fire based spells, will leaves an Ash Pile and is the preferred option if you want vampire ashes or bonemeal from human/creature corpses/carcass, and burning impaled deterrence, which is considerably a burial option. You will need to hit the corpse/carcass with a torch or a fire spell and previously placed fire accelerant in their inventory. Putting bodies on fire will also add a hazard around them so be careful and keep your distance. Torch and flame spells are Vanilla and you can find them everywhere in the world. From version 0.9.9 you can also burn corpses/carcasses with flame based staffs.

Bury Body: you'll need to hit the corpse/carcass with a shovel, axe or scalpel to bury them. How you bury the body depends on what you use. If you use the Corpsecutter's Axe, an impaled deterrent gets placed, which can be used as warning for intruders and enemies. It will spread an aura of fear if you choose so. Afterwards you can interact with the deterrence, apply fire accelerant to it, and ignite it with torch or fire spell. If you hit the corpse with a shovel, you will bury them with a tombstone, or under a heap of earth if you've previously put clay into their inventory. And finally, if you previously put 5 linen wraps into their bodies, and use the scalpel, they will end as mummy. Animals/Creatures can only be processed with a shovel and will always leave a heap of earth, which you can then place a tombstone (fully interactable) or weapon at. The shovel and scalpel can be crafted at a forge. Corpsecutter's axes are craftable at forges with the vanilla Woodcutter's Axe as prerequisite.

From version 0.9.9 you can also buy replacement tombstones at every Priest of Arkay at the corresponding Hall of Death in major settlements. Use the licenses they give you on tombstones you've just placed. After 10 seconds you can't replace them, so you always want to carry around a license in case you want to replace an ordinary tombstone, before you even bury someone with tombstones. 10 seconds limit is inevitable due to bugs. Form version 1.0 you will be able to place the processed corpse in real time.

Nail Body to the wall: ...or everywhere you want. Use a hammer and nails to nail every corpse at any wall or any place you want, even in mid air. Hitting the corpse with the hammer will 'freeze' them, hit them again and they will be unfrozen. This is done in replacement of no longer being capable of placing corpses/carcasses inside containers.

Burn the honourable Dead at burial pyres (optional): Every town and village no has a burial pyre where you can burn your most valued friends...or honourable as possible. Just have a corpse in your inventory and activate the burial pyre. It will then process the corpse in your inventory. The person you're burning appears a last time as Ghost besides the ceremony to watch her/his own funeral, and will then be lifted to Sovngarde through a portal. Since version there's an MCM option to turn burial pyres off to raise compatibility with mods that add new content to towns and cities. Since version 1.2 the actors
ill really go to Sovngarde Cell and since version 1.3 they will have a full fledged package to actually live in Sovngarde. No more standing around. Also in version 1.3 people in towns will actually attend to the burial.

The Fleshsaw: a special tool you'll get after killing one of the protagonists of the Cannibal mission in Markarth. You're able to dismember bodies with it, and it will grant you 4 pieces of human flesh, and 1 human heart. But beware using the fleshsaw in public will count as criminal act.

The Broom: Another special tool, which you will get as reward when completing the DB quest line. You can disintegrate every corpse with it right away.

Most of the placeable activators can be interacted with, like the deterrence, tombstone and mummy. The interaction options allow you to write a notation, review the notation, replace the model of the activator, and remove it entirely. Heaps of Earth and Deterrences will have special options, like placing the weapon, a tombstone, or fire accelerant at the activator to ignite it. Note that this is since version 1.2, and where you previously had to hold a torch in your hand when placing a deterrence to ignite it, you'll now need to interact with the deterrence once it's placed, apply fire accelerant, and ignite it with a torch or fire spell.

Reward/Poaching System:

Corpse processing reward system (optional): Simple idea. Dig the good ones, pike the bad ones and disallow going on a game rampage. The system however is far more complex then this. Basically every tool that places activators or similar (Axe, Shovel, Mummifier, Torch, Flame Spells) will grant you an increase or deduction of your reward counter (shown as widget available in oldschool and white color). Poaching passive animals will deduct from your reward count based on the animals (Level * FeeMoney), and processing corpses/carcass with the correct tool will increase your reward count. Rewards are to be collected at the local Steward, as well as fines to be paid and buying a Hunting License. This Hunting License will allow you to hunt as many passive animals as you like, in a time frame of 3 days, without deduction from your reward count. If you however deliberately hunt more then you're allowed without Hunting License, you sooner or later face the stigmatization of a Poacher and all guards of all holds will sooner or later try to arrest you. Don't mess with Jarl's game. All the settings are configurable inside the MCM menu. Which tool is correct for which actor type? Well, I don't want to spoil the experience of figuring out...;)

Additional Features:

Fire hurts: Getting to close to corpses or carcasses when igniting them, or when they're burning will get your health damaged and set you on fire, so always keep your distance (150 game units). This is also true for NPCs, so you could use this as trap?

Frostfall support: Burning corpses keeps you warm when using Frostfall. Once a body gets ignited a CampFireLight01(HeatSource) will be added to the corpse. This light is what Chesko uses to detect if a player is close to a heat source. Burning corpses will work like a regular campfire from Frostfall. To get the full benefit you'll need to have a tent build or warm clothes at your body. Additionally the range to the heat source defines the amount of exposure reduced. But don't get to close, or you get yourself grilled. If you use the bonfire option you will get longer burning corpses, which will warm you up longer.

Vampires get special treatment (optional): Since version 0.8 Vampire treatment is in particular one of my favorite features of this mod. First, there's one thing to remember after you killed a Vampire! If you approach them without sneaking, they WILL resurrect! So you want to do the following:

1. kill the Vampire
2. approach them sneaking to open their inventory
3. take all their loot if wanted, and either place garlic, brand accelerator or leach inside them

If you did it correctly you can now take the corpse (garlic), burn it (fire accelerant), or remove/melt them (leach). For sure, you can just approach a Vampire while not sneaking and just burn or bury them. In both cases they will not resurrect. This all follows a simple logic and makes it a highly immersive interaction with Vampire, which is also highly compatible with other Vampire mods since version 0.8. From version 0.9.9 Vampires will scream in agony if you decide to burn them and deliver an enjoyable show.

Dress up dead people: There's also a feature to put armour and weapons on corpses if you put said items in their inventory.

Increase Grab Force: A function inside the MCM menu. You can adjust the grab force to your liking, if you experience any related bug, like not being able to lift corpses.

Igniting actors: If you use the fire accelerant as poison applied to a weapon, you can ignite actors that are currently using fire magic, or under the influence of fire magic. This opens up whole new opportunities of killing fire mages.

Make blood stew from human body parts: Something special for the cannibals. Process any human body part at grain mills to blood stew... enjoy your meal!

FAQ & Bugs
- There's a bug with sometimes NPCs still having a dying voice when igniting them. This is because in order to get all of this working I need to resurrect them for a short period of time, and so they basically get grilled alived. It's also quite funny, so I have no intention to change it. This seems to only happen on leveled characters, so it probably is a problem related to the reference, not the base object aka Race or Actor.
- Another bug happens if you decide to replace several tombstones via licenses in a row with previously placed by the shovel tool. They will all share the same string text, because always the last tombstone placed with the shovel will occupie the string text quest. Process the corpses one by one to prevent this bug.
- small bug if you replace a deterence and save close to it while in the same cell. Once you've reloaded the game, it will replace the model with the default one until you've entered a new cell. This was inevitable due to aeven more critical bug when using OnLoad() Event. This is considerably a minor bug and I think most people can live with it.

In this case I'll have to thank Bethesda, the Creation Kit Wiki guys, the official forum guys and anyone sharing their knowledge about coding.
Specially JustinOther and Chesko for their skills and code. Special thanks to @Schlangster and @MrPwn(MrJack) for the efforts on SkyUiLib, which is part of this download. All UiLib functions are created by those two modders, I'm just using the tools they've granted to us.


This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.