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Skyrim's The Witcher 3 Armour Standalone Colours mod by UndeadGoblin and ZZJay, converted to SSE CBBE BodySlide.

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After some work, headaches, much rage, and finally enough understanding where I can say 'Hey, I kinda know how to do this!', I bring to you my second conversion - but hopefully not last - to the new SSE CBBE body, complete with BodySlide sliders for almost every part. The plugin and nifs have been updated to the new SSE formats, and this mod has been edited to bring several improvements over the original mod:
- Everything that needed it has a weight slider.
- Everything that needed it has BodySlide sliders.
- Everything has proper partitions, so you wont get hand/ankle gaps.
- Pre-built meshes are of the default CBBE body (Slim).
- Some outfits include a zap remove a part of the mesh.
- All outfits can be crafted and tempered.
- Optional plugin to turn all outfits into clothing.

Manual: Download the archive and open it with 7zip. Drag+Drop/extract the folders and plugin to Skyrim Special Edition/Data. Activate the plugin. Use BodySlide to generate the outfits with your own preset if you like.
Wrye Bash/NMM/Vortex: Install as you would any other mod.

Manual: Delete TW3_ArmorVariants_UndeadGoblin.esp, /meshes/zzjay, /textures/zzjay, /textures/undeadgoblin, and anything with 'The Witcher' in it's name from /CalienteTools/BodySlide/ShapeData, /SliderSets and /SliderGroups.
Wrye/NMM/Vortex: Uninstall as you would any other mod.

Q1: Where are these armours located?
A: Inside a chest in Whiterun, on the North-Eastern side of the Battle-Born house. Look behind the shrubbery, against the house wall. Here's a map (look for the blue dot above 'House of Clan Battle-Born'). Conversely, you can craft these at the tanning rack, after you have crafted the recipe book (2x linen, 2x leather strips), or else use AddItemMenu to spawn the items in.

Q2: Can I use these with 'The Witcher 3 Female Armours - CBBE BodySlide' ported by you for SSE?
A: Yes. Both mods utilise mostly the same files, so you can overwrite either one safely and still have both work. Just allow your mod manager to overwrite and have both plugins active. If you use the 'clothing' plugin, make sure you use the clothing plugin from the Female Armours mod as well!

Q3: Can I mix and match outfits?
A: Yes! While there may be some clipping, each piece was made so that you can wear them on their own, or together with different outfit parts, and not have any major issues. Want to wear the Triss outfit with the fancy brown DLC gloves? Go ahead. Partitions are fixed, so you wont get any gaps either if you decide to run around without shoes/gloves on. I'd recommend removing the White Sleeves from the Yennefer/Yennefer Dress outfits if you wish to use the Triss/Triss DLC gloves with them.

Q4: Will you port this to Skyrim/Oldrim?
A: No. I have completely moved on to SSE.

Q5: UNP/UUNP/etc?
A: No. 

Q6: Physics/CBP/Jellyboobs?
A: No.

Q7: Heavy armour?
A: No. I don't want to edit 707 entries again, and besides, they don't even look like heavy armour.

ZZJay - For the original The Witcher 3 Female Armours mod.
UndeadGoblin - For the original Standalone The Witcher 3 Armour Retextures mod.
CDProjektRed - The Witcher 3 and original meshes.
Ousnius - CBBE and BodySlide, and a huge amount of help/advice.
Caliente - CBBE and BodySlide.
Unblest - SSEEdit Script.