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This mod seeks to add more variety to the game by adding content from Dawnguard and Dragonborn into the main game, as well as other unused assets in-game. For instance, Draugr may now spawn with Carved Nordic or even Stalhrim weapons, and warlocks wear different colored robes depending on their preferred element.

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This mod seeks to add more variety to the game by adding content from Dawnguard and Dragonborn into the main game, as well as other unused assets in-game. For instance, Draugr may now spawn with Carved Nordic or even Stalhrim weapons, and warlocks wear different colored robes depending on their preferred element. Do you think warlocks have a terrible fashion sense? Or that Draugr buy all their weapons from the same Ancient Nord department store? Well, maybe you should try "Marco's Integrated Leveled Lists"! "Marco" because that's who I am (and I'm an egomaniac), "Integrated Leveled Lists" because that's what this mod does; it integrates content from the DLC into the vanilla leveled lists, as well as content yet unused in the game. Obviously, that means you need to have the DLC installed to use this mod. But obviously you do, because this is the Special Edition.

MILL does not use any assets that aren't found in Skyrim or the DLCs. I tried hard to make it as lore-friendly as possible, so that it fits in seamlessly with the vanilla gameplay/aesthetic.


-Draugr now have a chance to spawn with Carved Nordic and Stalhrim weapons. Carved Nordic appear around the same levels as Honed Ancient Nord weapons. Stalhrim weapons appear at the same level as Ebony, but they're much more rare. In addition, Draugr will use Ebony Maces and a wider variety of shields (Dented Iron, Banded Iron, and Carved Nordic).

-Armored skeletons from Dawnguard now appear alongside Restless Draugr, Draugr Wights, and Draugr Scourges. They will have matching stats and gear; theonly difference is appearance. They also have a chance to spawn in place of ordinary skeletons; in this case, they will be a bit tougher than what you'd normally find. But I don't think anyone's really going to have trouble with skeletons now that they don't crumble whenever you sneeze near them. This isn't Daggerfall.

-Dunmer bandits will now only spawn with Leather Armor, or light Chitin Armor.

-Bandit mages now wear Green Robes. They will wear either hooded or nonhooded variants, and they can either be unenchanted, or enchanted with a leveled Fortify Magicka Regen effect. They still wear bracers and boots, of course.

-Orc Bandit Chiefs now have a chance to spawn in a full set of Orcish Armor. They have to be Orcs, and they have to be Bandit Chiefs, and even then it's possible they spawn in ordinary steel/steel plate armor.

-Warlocks now wear robes that match their class. Ice Mages wear blue, Fire Mages wear brown, Storm mages wear grey, and Conjurers wear red. All of these robes can either be unenchanted, or come with a leveled Fortify Magicka Regen effect. Necromancers still wear Necromancer robes, but now it's possible to find unenchanted versions of their robes.

-Most named Dunmer NPCs will now be wearing Dunmer clothes, or Chitin/Bonemold armor if they wore armor beforehand. It's not much, but it adds just a little more variety among the commoners.

-Two Dunmer merchants (Revyn Sadri, and Brand-Shei) will now stock various goods from Morrowind (Solstheim). Sadri stock weapons and armor while Brand-Shei doesn't, but Brand-Shei stocks books from Morrowind that the other one doesn't.

-Silver Hand mooks now wear Leather Armor and unenchanted Mage Hoods. It looks cooler, separates them further from ordinary bandits, and gives you a chance to find unenchanted mage hoods.

-Orc Chieftains at the Orc Strongholds now wear Orcish Armor (save for Chief Mauhulakh, who wears Ebony thanks to his stronghold having an ebony mine), and any Orcs in the strongholds should be carrying Orcish weapons and nothing else.

-Lurkers (the giant walking lungfish in Apocrypha) drop Daedra Hearts. Because... they're Daedra.

-Mudcrabs now have a 75% chance to drop a single Chitin Plate.

Either use the NMM, or just extract the ESP into your Skyrim/Data folder and check it in the Data Files section of the launcher.

I proffer this as a modder's resource. If you want to use parts or all of this mod in your own project, you need not ask. But if you sent some love back to this humble little Nexus page, it would be appreciated.

This mod changes a wide variety of leveled lists, so if you're using another mod that edits leveled lists (such as Immersive Armors/Weapons), you need to use your favorite tool to merge the lists together. In addition, I had to make custom outfit sets for several different NPCs (for instance, all of the warlocks use the same outfit, so I had to go through each one and give them their own unique to their preferred element). If you have any other mods that affect outfits, I'd suggest putting this one lower in your load order. (if you notice any compatibility issues, please, tell me!)

Version 1.4
-Incorporated changes from USSEP, which is now a requirement for this mod.
-Removed changes to Aval Atheron's merchant inventory, to stay consistent with USSEP's fixes.
-Reverted changes to the enchantments on Dunmer Outfits, Telvanni Robes, and Temple Priest Robes.
-Hearthfire compatibility finally integrated. All this means is that now you don't need a patch to get crab legs and chitin plates off of your Mudcrabs.
-Reduced the likelihood of unenchanted robes spawning on warlocks and bandits. The chance was way too high for my liking.
-Removed the werebears I added to leveled lists. This never seemed to do anything - or really, I never actually had any random encounters with werewolves.
-Removed the Potions of Well-Being I added to leveled lists. This never did anything either...

Version 1.3
-Fixed shields not showing up on Draugr
-Lurkers now drop Daedra Hearts
-Added Vigor and Recovery Poisons

Version 1.2:
-Dunmer merchants (Aval Atheron, Revyn Sadri, and Brand-Shei) now sell Dunmer merchandise and items found on Solstheim.
-Redressed Orc Chieftains to always wear Orcish Armor, or Ebony in the case of
Chief Mauhulakh. Stronghold Orcs will also carry only Orcish weapons.
-Added Potions of Well-Being to leveled lists for health, magicka, and stamina potions.
-Redressed Silver Hand to wear Leather Armor and unenchanted Mage Hoods.
-Added "Fortify [Magic School] and Magicka Regen" effects to new robe leveled lists.
-Removed dirty edits with TES5Edit

Version 1.1:
-Added Werebears to Werewolf leveled lists.
-Redressed most Dunmer NPCs in the game to wear Dunmer apparel.
-Added Chitin Plates to Mudcrab item drops! YAY!!!
-Gave Draugr Deathlords their pointy helmets back.

Version 1.0:
-Initial Release.

- To those who offer constructive feedback.
- for their wealth of information that I used as a reference for this mod.
- My friend who loaned me his laptop to take some awesome screenshots (several years ago, but I still appreciate it!)
- Bethesda Game Studios.