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Isn't it strange that Draugr can shout much faster than The Last Dragonborn? Yes, yes it is. That's what this mod is for.

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I've never understood why Draugr can Fus Ro Dah! as fast as they can. You, The Last Dragonborn, Vampire Lord, Harbinger of the Companions, Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold and Bearer of Many Other Titles, takes three times longer to recharge their sore throat. Three times longer than a dusty undead corpse.

Draugr Shout Less changes that to a more reasonable amount.

I've included two options in this file for different cooldowns:
  1. The Draugr shout equally as fast as the Dragonborn (not counting any buffs the Dragonborn may have).
  2. The Draugr shout only half as fast as the Dragonborn (not counting any buffs the Dragonborn may have).
Please only add one of those options. It won't cause issues, but you would have a completely useless mod in your load order.

Draugr Shout Less: Equal to Player literally only changes one record (the Draugr Fus Ro Dah! variant), so for now I'm assuming it doesn't conflict with anything. That said, any other mod that also edits the same Shout will conflict and the mods will override one another. If you find any, please report it and I could make a patch, or just let a patcher like Mator Smash handle it.

Draugr Shout Less: Double of Player changes the records of several Draugr to replace their regular Fus Ro Dah! shout to the Draugr variant. This is still a small change and could probably be fixed with a Patch. Still, the same applies to the above and I'm willing to look into individual mods' compatibility if you're experiencing unexpected results.

Draugr Shout Less only requires Skyrim.esm. Yeah, it doesn't even require Update.esm. It works fine with USSEP too. I'm assuming you do have Skyrim.esm in your load order.

Xbox / PS4
I think Draugr Shout Less should just work for consoles. That said, I do not have an Xbox or PS4. If anyone is in the position to test this, please contact me and I'll see to publishing it privately on for testing as well.