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This mod adds a standalone zombie child follower (or adoptable), with an investigation to uncover her past.

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Maxine - Zombie Follower and Adoptable SSE Version converted by Bchick3!
Version 2.5 By Samulis & Ruhadre

Meet the new and improved Maxine! Cry, and be inspired, as you uncover her dark and in-depth past in a tricky Morrowind style investigation. Lore lovers beware, this is some good reading for you.
She now has her own unique combat style & powers. She uses unarmed combat to bash her enemies and is an expert in hunting down other undead beings!

To start the investigation - Go to Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath and look for a mysterious note near the fireplace. There are no quest markers or player journal entries in this investigation.  Just simple clues.
There are eight notes/journals/tomes in total to discover.

Don't forget to check out the optional patches in the files section to customize her look! 

Oldrim version available HERE!

Install with your mod manager(recommended) or copy the files into your data directory manually.
Remove Maxine - Zombie Follower.esp and Maxine - Zombie Follower folders in data files manually, or remove using mod manager(recommended).

Relationship Dialog Overhaul - RDO - So she can be invited to join the player since she uses the vanilla child voice. This applies only for the Follower version.

-Thanks to bchick3 for converting this mod for Skyrim Special Edition!
-Without Ruhadre Maxine would still be "just a stupid zombie". Now she is so much more! Thanks to you buddy!
-Warning:  Having her follower version inside a city during a vampire/dragon attack could be a very bad idea!  Handle with care.
-This follower was inspired by Gristlechick
-Thanks to banzerhepbern for helping with the earlier versions.
-The mod pictures are taken in Skyrim Legendary edition.

Version History:

1.0/1.1 - Original Release by Samulis

2.0 - Introduced cabin, powers, tweaks, and in-game backstory.  (Beginning of collaboration with Ruhadre)

2.5 - Massive round of bug fixes, additional power, tweaks, typo corrections, and a line of semi-custom dialogue.