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This is an addon for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma, which makes the city of Bruma better defendable.

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LE version here.

This is an addon for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.

It adds/changes the following:

- There are now flags at the towers of Bruma.

- The walls of Bruma are now accessible and are heavily guarded. You can access the walls from within Bruma castle. When you enter the castle, there will be two doors, one on the right and one on the left, both leading up to their section of the walls.

- The gates of Bruma are now protected with several portculisses and murder holes. The gates will close when the guards are under attack. They should reopen when combat is over. But you can also ask a nearby guard to open them if they are closed. Or you can use a lever in the intersection of each gatehouse to open them yourself as well.

- I made custom interiors for each tower (25 in total). I made small variations on objects within the towers, so whilst the interior might be roughly the same, some small objects will be different.

- The roofs of the gatehouses are now accessible.

- Each guard has his/her own unique AI packages, including patrol/guard, sandbox and sleep. (I added countless beds within each tower for them to sleep in.)


Q: Will you change x/ make y?
A: Currently, I'm not available for any requests, but if you feel like it, you can always make tweaks yourselves. (See permissions)

Q: Will you release this on or any consoles?
A: I myself won't, because I don't like But if you want to give it a go, please see the permissions section below.


This mod is shared with a WML 1.0 Cathedral License.

You are free to :

- redistribute this work in unmodified form.
- include this resource within another work
- modify and redistribute this work

So long as you:

- Give the author(s) credit.
- link back to this page.
- distribute your mod under the same license.

Translations are allowed under the same terms.

Uploading for SSE, to and for consoles is allowed under the same terms, but in addition don't expect any technical expect support from me in that case, if the mod doesn't work on any of those platforms.


- The Beyond Skyrim team: for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma.
- Kelretu - for helping me tweak the collision of the walls of Bruma.
- Shadiversity - for his videos on how to make a city/castle better defendable.
- Vermunds - For Bells of Skyrim
- Bethesda Game Studios - for making Skyrim and the ability to mod it.
- The entire modding community - for being awesome. <3